Returning the Favor Character Interview: Matthew James, Lord James.

January 18 will the one year anniversary of RETURNING THE FAVOR’s release with Boroughs Publishing Group as part of their Lunchbox Romance line. In honor of that, I’ll post “interviews” with each character leading up to Saturday! (If you’ve read RTF – or haven’t read it yet – and have any questions you’d like to ask the questions just leave them in the comments!)

Leave a comment below (or on any of the upcoming interviews) to enter for a chance to win a digital copy of RETURNING THE FAVOR. 3 copies up for grabs! =] Open to anyone who can read an ebook.

Next up, we have the brother of the heroine, Matthew James, Lord James.


Lord Matthew James Age 16

A drawing I did of a 16yr old Matthew. My baby *sniffle*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=

“Good morning, Lord – ”

“Morning? This is not morning. It is the crack of dawn.” Matthew, Lord James, slammed his palms against the handle that maneuvered the third wheel of his chair.

“It is ten o’clock, my lord.”

“Gah! Ten? I have not seen this hour since leaving the nursery. A man must enjoy his slumber.” Matthew looked away. He mumbled. “Although, there is very little to enjoy in an empty bed.”

I cleared my throat. “Yes, well.” I paused. “Uh, my lord, is your…bed…often empty?” I waved my hands about, dropping the stick of graphite. “Not that it’s any of my business. I was just curious since you are a charming young lord and given your current,” I motioned toward the wheeled-chair. “situation.”

He blinked at me. A small smile curved his lip. He tilted his head. “You are a forward chit, aren’t you? Do you often wonder about the state of a man’s bed? Or his bedroom activities?”

“Woah. Wait a minute. This is my interview. Not yours.”

He shrugged and settled against the back of his chair. “Pray continue.”

“Your best friend, Colin, is pursing your sister.”

“So he is.” Matthew picked at the blanket tossed over his legs. It did not bother me. I wrote him that way. But, he seemed distracted and a bit listless.

“Are you ok with this? Most brothers I know would keep their friends away from their sisters.”

“I am not most brothers. And Cat can take care of herself.”

“Yes, your mother and father have said as much. But, I wonder, as her brother, wouldn’t you know more about her?”

“Perhaps. But, I surely know enough to not spread rumors about my sister.” He glanced out the window. “Rumors are a very potent thing.” He looked back at me and nodded once. “They can ruin a person’s life.”

My eyes narrowed. “If there something you would like to share, my lord?”

He fiddled with the blanket. “Yes, actually.” He smiled. “I was thinking about ordering a new chair. There was an advertisement in the newspaper last week. The new chair is space efficient and built for comfort.”


He looked up and sighed. “There is not much one can do while confined to this monstrosity. Now, I am happy I am still alive. But, living is a bit difficult when one cannot take a piss without a footman’s help. I have to find my amusement somewhere. Apparently, it is in ordering a new chair.”

I bit my lip, unsure what to say.

“Oh, for – do not give me that look! I do not want your pity. I did not say I was incapable. Simply that it is difficult.”

I nodded. “Have you discussed this with Colin?”

Matthew snorted. “No. He still believes this was his fault. What nonsense. It was an accident!” He wheeled his chair next to the short table by the window. He grabbed the decanter and poured himself a glass of brandy. “It is a bit early, but that has never stopped me.” He turned back to me. “Colin has filled his head with foolishness. An accident. He did not intentionally paralyze me. He would never. Colin is too…kind which is why I am not worried about him with Cat.” He scratched his chin. “Perhaps I should be worried for him. Cat, can be a little…stubborn.”

He cradled the glass in his lap.

“The summer after they met, most of my letters from Cat contained inquiries about Colin. She cared little for my adventures.” Matthew chuckled. “I probably should have allowed them to correspond directly. But, she was only fourteen and it was quite entertaining.”

“You care for them.”

“Of course. She is my sister. He is my best friend.”

“And you have n problem with them marrying?”

“If my mother has her way, they will be married by the end of summer.”

“I have heard that is also Colin’s plan.” I cleared my throat. “Do you have a plan?”

“A plan for what?”

“The future? A spouse, a family?”

Matthew blinked. He sipped his brandy. He stared out the window, at the mantle, out the open door. He fingered the edge of the large wheel at his elbow. Lord James did everything except answer my question. After twenty minutes of silence that grew heavier with each tick of the clock, I stood and quietly exited.


Interviews so far:

John James, Marquess of Trewin (Father of the heroine)
Claudia James, Marchioness of Trewin (Mother of the heroine)

Published: January 18, 2013 (Boroughs Publishing Group)

Synopsis: At thirteen, Lady Catherine James fell out of a tree and into Colin Barringer’s heart. Now six years later, he’s determined to secure her hand in marriage, but will a childhood tragedy keep them apart?


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