Sort of Blog Hiatus

Hello there,

The blog has already been suspiciously quiet. But, I wanted to post a note letting everyone know, the blog will probably be on hiatus until the New Year or after.

I’m finishing up the classes I need for my masters this semester so that I can write my thesis next semester. That’s four classes officially, 6 unofficially. There are a few papers, not too many. The classes are ok. Really going to have fun with my Tuesday class. But. there is a ridiculous amount of reading. A minimum of four books, each 300+ pages for each class >_<

The classes are at night to allow graduate students to work during the day.

SO, I’m working in the AM 5 days a week (more in the busy season) before going directly to class in the PM 4 days a week.

“That seems like a lot! Why don’t you cut back on work and focus on school?” You say.
‘Cuz, somebody’s gotta pay those bills, honey, and there’s only so much a Regency short story can do.

Additionally, I need to brush up on my Arabic, finish this New Adult I’m working on, edit the Regency novel I drafted years ago, and I want to teach myself Japanese.

Also, in the process of setting up a new job for next year.

All that said, hopefully, you understand why the blog will be barren for the next couple of months. I’ll be on Twitter and FB, guaranteed, mostly Twitter, because a little procrastination now and then is healthy. There are 3 posts on the schedule, 2 for September and 1 for the beginning of October. After that…

Stock your chocolate and Cream Soda in anticipation of my return!



One thought on “Sort of Blog Hiatus

  1. Blergh I’m gonna miss my Monday posts! But I have to catch up on your Ramadan posts so that will keep me busy until then. šŸ™‚

    Also, did you know about author Ann Lethbridge? She also has a blog where she writes about her historical findings, and I thought you might find it interesting.

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