Day 15: The Halfway Point!

Welp. Look at that folks. Today is already the 15th day of Ramadan. We’re halfway there!

I’ve been fasting since I was younger (can’t really remember what age), probably around 6th grade (11/12 years old). So, I’m fairly used to it by now. In fact, as previously seen,  I get pretty excited about Ramadan rolling around.

However, I will admit it’s a little difficult this year.  Last year, Ramadan was from mid-July to mid-August, but it wasn’t this bad. I wasn’t taking a summer class last year, I was working. Being outside under the sun was challenging, but it wasn’t too bad. It wasn’t this HOT.

This year? This year, I’m doing everything I can to stay in the house and to avoid extra activity. I’m parched!

The hunger doesn’t bother me. I can ignore that and usually do if I have something to drink and can’t get to a meal soon. But, not being able to eat OR drink during a heatwave when the car’s AC wasn’t working?


I’ve managed to keep all of my fasts, however. The only days I’ve missed were…uh, my time of the month. And I’ll be making those up after the end of Ramadan.

Grace was wondering yesterday if I’ve lost any weight? Not that I’ve noticed. Then again, I don’t own a scale o.O My weight also goes up and down 10-15lbs a year. Which I guess is unhealthy because the doctor always yells at me.

I’m mostly sleepy. I don’t sleep before having to wake up at 3:30am. It doesn’t make sense if I’m only going to sleep for about 2-3hours. I might as well stay up and do something productive. Like keep up with these posts! When I get back to bed at 4:30-5am it’s only for a few hours because I have to be up to go to the lecture-class. I try to nap when I get home, but there’s still so much to do (and I’m still behind!).

So, there are 14-15 days left of Ramadan. In addition to the regular things we’ve been doing all month, we’ll be preparing for Eid-ul-Fitr, planning out outfits (I need shoes!), buying presents for family, putting together money for the kidlets.

There’s still so much to do! Ramadan ends a day or two after my class. I have a term paper and final to throw into the mix. Then, I have to worry about coming up with the tuition for the Fall semester. <_< It never ends.


6 thoughts on “Day 15: The Halfway Point!

  1. I second Ms. Burrows question – if it isn’t too cruel to ask – since I’m curious as well.

    P.S: How could you not sleep? That’s all I would do. My current – and for a LONG time – last semester at UBC is killing me because I can only get 9 hours of sleep…I need like 12 to function. 😦

  2. I assume there’s a feast coming up. Is it cruel to ask what goes on the menu? Are there any prohibitions against fighting during Ramadan? I can’t think combatants would last long in a state of possible dehydration and interrupted circadian rhythm.

    • Eid ul-Fitr is the feast coming up. Since we go to about 10-15 house that day, the menu varies. Different cultures, or people who just want to mix it up.

      There’s a prohibition on fighting during Ramadan because it’s a sacred month. But, yeah, I really don’t see soldiers lasting long if they’re fighting while fasting. I would just sit and wait for the other side to collapse first.

  3. Woman, you’re a trooper. I would have passed out dead on the floor in that heat last week if I did what you were doing >__<

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