Day 6: Status of Women in Islam: Is there a Debate?

This little gem floated around Facebook a week months ago. (It floats around every couple of months actually.) It sparked a discussion – yay! However, many of those comments were predicated on assumptions not facts and started a few arguments because there were a few who were unwilling to listen and preferred to cling tight. Of course, it supposed to start a discussion. It was purposely drawn to be provocative. I actually used it as part of my undergraduate thesis.

muslim non mulsim

This topic will probably run us the whole week since it IS such a broad and hot topic. But, I’m starting with this to give everyone a chance to pose any questions or observations they have before getting a little more in depth.

But, for today MY question to you: “Is there a debate on the status of women in Islam and if so, why?”

One thought on “Day 6: Status of Women in Islam: Is there a Debate?

  1. I think that there might be a debate if Islamic women had varying views on their own status. However, if the “debate” arises from in the West, by Western philosophers imposing their own ideas about women’s liberation/status on Islamic culture, then it isn’t really about Islamic women but about Islamic vs. Western culture.

    But, of course, I don’t really know that much about the beliefs of Islamic women on their own status and the fact that their is more than one type of Islamic woman, so we shouldn’t generalize.

    I did read a nonfiction piece once, by an Islamic woman who talked about what people thought of the hijab and her own perspective on the veil. She talked about how some people thought the veil was a symbol of subjugation, but she disagreed. She said that wearing the hijab made her feel liberated because she would never be objectified or judged on the way she looks. (The picture you posted reminded me about the essay.)

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