July Blogging & Ramadan

Hi everyone!

I’ve already made this announcement on Facebook and Twitter. But, for the month of July (and a little into August), the blog will take a break from giveaways, author interviews, spotlights, etc. I only have one interview/giveaway scheduled and that’s for the 10th.

The reason is that it’ll be Ramadan and I’d like to switch it up this year. Every day (starting July 9th) I’ll post tidbits, facts, history what have you about Islam, Ramadan, and Muslims along with how I’m doing with my fasting 🙂 – I’m also taking a summer class and working, but shh..

I think being Muslim and growing up Muslim, especially in New York, I take it for granted what people know and how much they know. Psh, *I’m* still learning. So here I am, willing to share what I have and will be learning 🙂

If it ‘s not your cup of tea *shrug* look away for the month.

If you are interested please follow along. And if you have any question you want specifically answered, feel free to ask. I won’t be offended (unless you’re purposely offensive. Then, you’re just a jerk trying to ruin my happiness o_O)

  • Are you completely new to the religion?
  • Have a general question? A personal question?
  • Don’t understand something?
  • What clarification?
  • Just curious?
  • Questions do not have to be restricted to Ramadan.
    1. I’ve already answered a few on Twitter and Facebook, but I’ll readdress them throughout the month.
    2. I don’t profess to know any and everything. If I’m able to answer your questions, I will. If not, I’ll find an answer for you or direct you to someone who is qualified to answer.
    3. My answers will be from the religious POV. A lot of misconceptions come from when cultures trickle through.
    4. Anything you want to add or comment on is WELCOMED! I only ask that we remain polite and respectful to each other.

You can post your questions here in the comments or if you’re shy you can email (just let me know if you want to remain anonymous or not) at priscillashay@gmail.com.

Thanks! I hope I see many of you (and your questions!) in the coming month.(Seriously. dawn to dusk is 17hours this year. Your questions will keep me occupied and not thinking about food or water…)


preparing for ramadan

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