Writer Wednesday: Teresa Carpenter

Welcome to the New Year’s Eve Club!

“Five friends reunite on New Year’s Eve to reinvent their ten-year old college list of the perfect man, then each promises to meet that guy before the year is out.”

Here’s another Boroughs Author!

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Teresa Carpenter

Teri pic (2)The author of twelve romance novels for Harlequin Books, and a novella for Boroughs Publishing Group, Teresa Carpenter’s books have rated a Top Pick by Romantic Times and have been nominated for Best Romance of the Year by a couple of review sites. Teresa lives in Southern California surrounded by her large family. If she’s not at a family event, you’ll usually find her at home reading or writing her next grand romance. Her new “Princess Camp” trilogy is based on fairy tales.

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Here are a few questions I asked her:

Me: What inspired (specifically) CHEF’S DELIGHT?

Teresa: I watch the Food Chanel a lot and thought it would be fun to write about a chef. So after I suggested to Jill Limber (Loving Mick) that it would be fun if our critique group got together and wrote a series of connected stories and she suggested we create the central story around The List, I thought this is my chance to do my chef’s story. Which worked out great because who worse for Heather to fall for than the man who’d taken everything from her but also managed to score 100% on The List?

Me: What is your typical day like?

Teresa: Total chaos filled with family, work, writing, more family, a class, and doing promotion. I usually work full time, but right now I’m unemployed, which means I get to pretend I’m a full time writer. I’m a night person so I write late, sometime to two in the morning, and get up about mid-morning. Often to the shouted merriment of young children. I live with my mother and sister and our place is grand central station for the family, especially as we’re often called upon to watch my grand nieces and nephews while my nieces work. When I’m working, I’ll write at lunch and at night. Now I sneak off to the library to work for a few hours until late afternoon when we trip off to watch a softball or basketball game. You may be noticing a theme here. Family is very important to me as anyone who’s read my books would be able to tell you.

Me: Tell us a little about your hometown.

Teresa: My home town is Hemet, a small town in Southern California. We lived there through the first grade. I remember walking around the neighborhood with my mom and playing in the vacant lot at the end of the block. We went to the double feature at the theater for fifty cents and bought candy for a nickel. Ah, such simple, beautiful memories. Thank you for that moment.

Me: What’s your next project?

Teresa: Thank you for asking. I’m currently doing promotion for my June Harlequin Romance, The Making of a Princess and I just sent off a proposal for a story where a nanny charms a prince. And yes, the publisher has talked me into collaborating with Jill Limber on Freaky Freddie’s story. His HPA will be out at the end of the year.

Me: Quick! You’re dragged 200 years into the past, what ONE item (not living thing) do you take with you?

Teresa: My toothbrush. I don’t want to travel anywhere in current time without it. I certainly don’t want to be stuck in the past without one.

Me: Tell us something you’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t had the chance to (yet).

Teresa: I’d love to travel to Europe. I wrote a book, The Boss’s Surprise Son, where the couple went to London and after doing the research I really want to visit there someday. And my niece played softball for an Italian team last summer. She played near Milan and visited Rome, Vatican City, Lake Como. No lie, I was jealous. Oh how I wanted to go see her play and play with her. Ah, someday my time will come.

Me: If Hollywood made a movie about your life, whom would you like to see play the lead role as you?

Teresa: Well, I’d like Angelina Jolie, but the reality is closer to Melissa McCarthy. I’ll leave it that.

Me: What MUST you have when writing?

Teresa: It’s more a matter of what I can’t have. I tried writing at a desk in a quiet room and ended up staring at a blank wall, which completely cutoff my creativity. So now I write in the living room on the couch in the middle of everything that’s going on. I also, can’t write when the little ones are around, one because they need attention and two because they want to “help” me. When they’re around and I have to write, I head off to the library.

Me: What is your most embarrassing moment?

Teresa: I’m not sharing.

(ME: You NYE ladies are pretty tight-lipped about these “embarrassing moments”!)

Me: Describe your ideal romantic date.

Teresa: A good movie and dinner at a fine restaurant, a picnic and a walk along the beach, or a day at Disneyland all come to mind. But the truth is it’s all about who your with. I can have a great time hashing out a bad movie over pizza and iced tea if it’s with the right guy.

Me: What is your number one favorite movie and/or series? Why? Should I add it to my “list”?

Teresa: I’m currently watching Die Hard or Live Free with Bruce Willis, and I have to admit it’s one of my favorites. Yep, I’m an action movie fan.

Me: List your five favorite books and give a short sentence why.

Teresa: I love romance but I’m open to many different genres within its walls, so I’m going to switch this up a bit and give my five favorite authors (in no particular order) and a short sentence why.

Linda Howard – her heroes make me swoon

Nora Roberts – her diversity is immeasurable

Karen Marie Moning – she’s a master of drawing you into the story, she has her hooks in me

Kresley Cole – her heroines make her heroes work in a fantastical world

Jane Anne Krenz – I like how she makes the hero and heroine a unit and then pits them against the world

And a newcomer to my list is Jillian Stone. Her men of Scottland Yard series is a quirky, historical/steampunk world of hunky detectives, smart heroines, and well developed mysteries.



Luckily for you guys, CHEF’S DELIGHT released yesterday!


Ex-SEAL and next-door neighbor Joss Stone has taken everything from diner-owner Heather—and he’s the one man who can give it all back…and more.


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That’s the end of the NYE Club!

Thank you, Teresa!

Don’t forget to visit Boroughs’ website for more Lunchbox romances, novels, novellas, and romantisodes.

17 thoughts on “Writer Wednesday: Teresa Carpenter

  1. yea Teresa, so happy our final book is out now we can really kick ? and show off our creativity, you are so talented. Good Job

    • I’m excited to be the final book in this great series. Every book has been a powerful example of the heroine opening herself up to love. If I had to state a motto for our series, it would be from great risk comes great reward.

  2. Yes, we’ll be celebrating this New Year’s with Freaky Freddie. You’ll get a better glimpse of him in Chef’s Delight. But who is his dream girl? No spoilers here!

  3. Yea! The last book in the series is out–sort of. Our fearless editor want’s Freddy’s story, too. Teresa and I are working on that together. We’ll keep you posted on the collaboration 🙂

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