Writer Wednesday: Diana Saenger

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“Five friends reunite on New Year’s Eve to reinvent their ten-year old college list of the perfect man, then each promises to meet that guy before the year is out.”

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Diana Saenger

Diana Saenger headshotDiana Saenger is the entertainment editor of the East County Gazette, theater critic for 10 other San Diego newspapers and operates her own entertainment syndicate, Saenger Syndicate and online sites www.reviewexpress.com and www.classicmovieguide.com . She has sold more than 1,000 short stories, articles or features to newspapers and magazines such as Good Times, Hispanic Outlook, Life After 50, Indian Country, McCalls, Romantic Times, and more. Called a Roving film historian by Fox Studio Classics, Diana has been a guest panelist at the Robert Osborne Classic Film Festival in Athens Georgia for four years in a row. Her romantic novel took first place in Harlequin’s First Kiss Contest. She’s sold several short romances to The Sun, has been a judge for several screenwriting competitions, had two of her own place in national competitions, was a script reader for King Productions and served as one of the press coordinators of the San Diego International Film Festival in 1997.

An award winning journalist, Diana has won numerous awards with California Media Professionals, San Diego Press Club and the National Federation of Press Women for more than 18 years. Diana is past president of So. California Media Professionals, past president of the San Diego Film Critic’s Society, member of the Alliance of Women Film Journalists and the author of Everyone Wants My Job: the ABC’s of Entertainment Writing, The Vietnam War: Life As A POW, From Guadalcanal to Hemet and co-editor of Glory, A Nation’s Spirit Defeats the Attack on America and interviewer for Mission Honored – A Dream Achieved

Diana is the Communications Director for the International Human Factor Leadership Academy, and was nominated in 2008 by California State Assemblyman Joel Anderson for “Woman of the Year” for CA’s 77th District.

Here are a few questions I asked her:

Me: What inspired DEADLINE: ROMANCE?

Diana: I am a journalist who has had a very exciting career interviewing many interesting people and covering interesting stories and thought that would make a good base for a story, and that looking for Mr. Dreamy would be an added excitement as well.

Me: What is your typical day like?

Diana: I’m a syndicated film critic so when I’m not at the movies I’m writing for the magazines and newspapers I write for or other books I’m working on.

Me: What talent are you most proud of?

Dianabeing able to get people to talk about themselves or their business or experiences

Me: What’s your next project?

DianaMission Honored – A Dream Achieved is a book about 80 of the veterans that I interviewed who are on a Wall of Honor where I live in Alpine, CA – it comes out on Friday so will be doing media for that.

Me: Quick! You’re dragged 300 years into the future, what ONE item do you take with you?

Dianaan I pad to write read maybe email on

Me: What is your most embarrassing moment?

Diana: mentioning to a date that the people who owned the business next to where I worked were rude then finding out they were his parents.

Me: What is your ideal romantic date?

Diana: sitting alone together on a moon-lit beach

Me: How technologically adept are you?

Diana: Enough to get me in trouble and wish I could do more.

Me: What is your personal motto?

Diana: Make someone feel worthwhile every day.

Me: Which actors would play your lead characters?

Diana: Ryan Gosling & Any Adams


Emma has met Mr. Right, but dotcom millionaire Daniel first has to learn
how to let go before he can lead Emma out of her fear of Deadline Romance Cover smthe future and into the miracle of the moment.


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Review 2

Thank you, Diana!

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10 thoughts on “Writer Wednesday: Diana Saenger

  1. Diana, you are so GIFTED when it comes to your PASSIONS. We are all blessed with your ability to create wonderful stories for us to read. Keep it up. WE ALL LOVE YOU

  2. Love Diana Saenger ! Awesome writer and even more awesome human being! Just started the book but cant wait to get into it 🙂

  3. I’ve been enjoying the whole New Year’s Eve Club series. Diana, Deadline Romance is a great read!

  4. It was such a treat to read Diana’s DEADLINE: ROMANCE novella! I couldn’t put it down once I started this romantic sizzler. Diana’s well-written book cries out for a screen treatment, and I think Ryan Gosling and Amy Adams would be perfect to play the fascinating lovers!

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