Writer Wednesday: Jackie L. Allen

Welcome to the New Year’s Eve Club!

“Five friends reunite on New Year’s Eve to reinvent their ten-year old college list of the perfect man, then each promises to meet that guy before the year is out.”

Here’s another Boroughs Author!

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Jackie L. Allen

Jackie L Allen

Jackie Leigh Allen enjoys writing and is delighted to be published. A REAL MAN is the second of five novellas from Boroughs Publishing Group. The New Year’s Eve Club features five friends looking for the right man with a New Year’s Eve deadline to find him. My short story, FIRST IMPRESSIONS, came out as part of the Lunch Box series. Please visit me at Jackieleighallen.com.

Here are a few questions I asked her:

Me: What inspired A REAL MAN?

Jackie: I have a friend who went to the ER in the ambulance with a good looking EMT and she gave me the idea for this story.

Me: What is your typical day like?

Jackie: I have breakfast with coffee! Then I go to exercise class, write, eat lunch and then–if I’ve written enough I get to play with my friends.

Me: Can you tell us a little about your time as a school nurse?

JackieI loved working with teenagers and their messy lives. The last few years I did the suicide counseling and saving a life with so much potential gave me the biggest exultation you can imagine.

Me: What’s your next project?

Jackie: I’m working on another novella–this one’s set in a high school–go figure. Sara is a rule keeper and Mike is a rule breaker.

Me: Quick! You’re dragged 300 years into the past, what ONE item do you take with you?

JackieA supersize chocolate bar with fruit and almonds in it. (But if they’re not going to have chocolate I don’t want to go.)

Me: Tell us something you hate doing? Why?

JackieWalking on a treadmill. I feel like I’m not getting anywhere and I’m just the slightest bit competitive.

Me: If you could have one exotic animal as a pet which would it be and why?

Jackie: A lion. After all I’m a Leo.

Me: What MUST you have when writing?

Jackie: Coffee!

Me: What is your most embarrassing moment?

Jackie: I was introduced to a man and chatted with him for several minutes. When I excused myself, he said, “You don’t remember me, do you” Well, duh, obviously not. I waited. He said, “The last time I saw you I kissed you good-bye as you went off to nursing school.” Needless to say he’d changed a lot. But I guess I hadn’t as much, so maybe it wasn’t all that embarassing.

Me: Describe your ideal romantic date.

Jackie: Dinner across the Seine from Notre Dame followed by a performance of The Marriage of Figaro at the Paris Opera.

Me: Would you survive the Hunger Games? How? Or would you be the first one offed?

JackieI would be the first one offed.


Stifled by her previous marriage, widowed Melissa swears to JackieLeighAllen_ARealMan2500[1]
find herself a real man—but Matt finds her instead, rescuing her from a car wreck and proving that the years since high school have only made him more desirable.

Buy Links:

AllRomance ** Amazon ** Boroughs ** Smashwords

Thank you, Jackie!

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