Interlude: A Poem

A little something different for this week’s #TeaserTuesday. A poem from 2010 =]

A twist of his lips,
A break in his voice,
A brush of his skin,
A waft of his scent,
A taste of fire.

A crook of his finger, interlude
A wrinkle in his brow,
A dimple in his cheek.

A whisper,
A sigh,
A groan,
A scream.

A kiss,
A touch,
A grasp
A scratch.

Bouquet of roses,
Bucket of strawberries,
Box of Godiva.


In two days I’ll be nothing but a twinkle in his eye
his wife won’t understand.
She’ll smile and embrace,
Take and withdraw.
He’ll smirk and feint,
Thieve and smother.
I’ll sneer and cry,
Seize and shutter.

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