Manga Monday

Who’s up today?

 Lord Matthew James, Age 16.
(Click image for larger view)

Read RETURNING THE FAVOR to find out more about him =]

What are your thoughts on disabled heroes in historical romances?
Read a VERY rough excerpt here.

(His image is related to the previous MANGA MONDAY by blood relation)

Lord Matthew James Age 16

What do you think? =]
(No, I don’t know why he looks like a Leprechaun)
(Would you believe me if I said the chair was actually the LEAST difficult to draw? o_O) Shay 2013

One thought on “Manga Monday

  1. I think even carefree over protected English gentleman can you love. It is going to take a pretty unselfish girl to get under his carefree attitude that really harbors hurt from the accident. Go for it.

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