Teaser Tuesday: WIP

This excerpt is from a historical romance novel. Out of the 3 (the historical novella, the contemporary, and this novel) which appeals to you the most?

Carina shouted at the boy, but he ignored her, bending to pick up the toy.  She continued to yell, but no one turned – dismissing her as a ranting mad woman.  The servant who was with the child looked up, brows furrowed.  Carina motioned frantically to the child, then to the carriage, and watched as the man’s eyes widened, but he remained rooted in place.

Seconds later, Carina found herself across the street, sprawled along the sidewalk, hugging the child to her chest.  She moved her hands furtively about his body, checking for scratched, making sure all appendages were still attached.

She pulled herself up into a sitting position and gathered the child in her arms, turning his face towards hers.

“Are you okay?  Are you injured?  Is anything broken?  Does this hurt?”  Her eyes roamed his face.  There was a scratch above his right brow and dirt on his cheeks, but he appeared intact.

The child stared at her with brown – no, his eyes were more of a golden brown – swimming in flecks of green, clutching the toy in his tiny hands.  She gave him a small, reassuring smile, hoping to calm him because he looked about to burst into tears.

She held his chin in her hand.  “Are you unharmed?”

The child blinked at her and Carina almost burst into tears herself.  The familiar blank, but innocent gaze tugged at her heart.  Sienna.

Carina pulled back, though she wanted nothing more to hold him to her forever, and searched her arms for scratches.  There was a small cut on the back of her hand.  It wasn’t bleeding too much.  She pointed at it, then looked at the child with raised eyebrows.  He stared back at her blankly.

Carina pointed at the cut again and motioned to his body, keeping her eyebrows raised, silently asking him if there were any cuts or bruises on his body.  She wanted to – needed to make sure he was okay.

The child blinked again and a smile slowly made its way to his face.  Then, he was ripped out of her arms.

Thoughts? =]

https://i0.wp.com/www.escapecodes.info/images/169.gifPriscilla Shay 2013

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