Writer Wednesday: Gwyn Weyant

Hello everyone! Every Wednesday or every other Wednesday I’ll be featuring a different author. Broaden your palette, mix up your reading a little!

First up, is fellow Boroughs Publishing Group author Gwyn Weyant!

gwynGrowing up on a Dairy Farm, I have always had an over active imagination and the ability to tell stories. I married my Best Friend and team driver Holt Weyant in 1987.

Until 2005 I kept the stories to myself because I never felt they’d go anywhere.  It took me getting mad at the idea that you couldn’t find any fiction that said anything good about the trucking industry. It’s what got me started putting my stories down on paper. In 2007 I joined the Romance Writers of America. In 2009 I joined The American Christian Fiction Writers and started attending their conferences.

In 2012, I entered a new electronic publishers  short story contest. Boroughs Publishing Group awarded the winner in July . I didn’t win the contest. However, Boroughs looked over the entries and awarded contracts for their favorite short stories. My short story  Grease Stains and Love Songs was released on December 10, 2012 on Amazon.com, Allromance.com, and boroughspublishinggroup.com.

Blog is:  www. gwynweyantsgreatlyblessed.com

Here are a few questions I asked her:


GWYN: Grease Stains and Love Songs came about because of my love for country music. I have always wanted to go to Nashville to sing or write songs. There was only one problem with that. I can’t carry a tune in an ice chest. I also don’t do well trying to rhyme. Which makes it real hard to get anywhere with singing or songwriting.

I did find out what I can do is make up a stories. Grease Stains and Love Songs is what came out of an overactive imagination about things I wouldn’t ever be able to do. I have been doing research on Nashville, singers, and songwriters  for as long as I can remember.  I have read articles, been to the Indianapolis Country Station WFMS music expo. At the Expo they have sessions of singers and songwriters  question and answer sessions. My using information from those people and from reading articles on the subject between the two I was able to put what I had learned together and make a believable story. What have I learned from these sessions. (First let me say that I am not taking one thing from anyone person. The advice you hear everywhere in country music or in a writer’s convention.)

Believe in yourself, finish school, polish your craft, network, make the rounds to agents and record labels/publishing companies. There are a couple more that are big ones: Never Give Up on yourself, and  remember how you got there, ( Friends, family, and God).

Me: What is your typical day like?

Gwyn: Lately it’s been spend three hours on the computer on Job sites looking for Medical Coding and Billing Jobs. (real time has set in got to find a day job.) Then its clean house, argue with my calico cat who has decided she owns the place. Let my hubby know what I’m cooking when he gets home. (He still drives semi with in a five hundred mile radius.)

Me: You’ve driven through 48 of 50 states. Do you use what you’ve seen in your stories?

Gwyn: Absolutely, my first set of novels are based on a family that own a trucking company. Based in Mississippi. Writing has opened my eyes as a people watcher. (currently they are not published.)

Me: What’s your next project?.  

Gwyn: Working on a short story for the lunchbox series. That takes place in Saratoga Springs, NY

Me: Quick! You’re dragged 100 years into the future, what ONE item do you take with you?

Gwyn: My Paper. Computers may come and go but paper can still be used with charcoal if necessary.

Me: Do you believe in love at first sight?

Gwyn: Absolutely, my hubby and I met at a bar. We have been together for 26 years.

Me: Tea or coffee?

Gwyn: Tea, drink it like people drink water or milk. No sugar.. ice cold (even at 10 below.)

Me: What’s your pet peeve?

Gwyn: People who don’t follow through (they say they will do something and then don’t)

Me: What is your favorite quote?

Gwyn: Be careful or you’ll end up in my next novel~ came from a t-shirt I got from my Brother-in-law

Me: If your house were burning down, what would you take and why?

Gwyn: Living things goes without saying. Hubby, my cat, and one of the Bibles I have I collect them and an big oak basket my mother got me.

Me: What’s your favorite sport?

Gwyn: Golf, my hubby asked me what I wanted for my birthday one year. I told him Jimmy Buffet Tickets or a set of golf clubs. (I have yet to see Jimmy Buffet in concert. But I have gotten a hole in one with the golf clubs.

grease stains and love songs

Jessica Wells thought she had buried her hurts deep. She thought she had figured out how to survive and keep her secrets hidden by staying in the background. But she came undone when she
realized she couldn’t keep them hidden from Joe Morris.

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Well, there you have it! Thank you Gwyn for the interview! Hope you all rush out and read GREASE STAINS AND LOVE SONGS!

And don’t forget to visit Romance Lives Forever from 2/3 – 2/9 to see all Boroughs Publishing Group has to offer, their current and upcoming stories, and meet the authors and editors!

14 thoughts on “Writer Wednesday: Gwyn Weyant

  1. Love stories are not my norm for reading pleasure, but it was a good story line. I like to read but really have no time to as much as I would like. Especially like that it was a short story, allowing me time to finish in only two evenings.

  2. Pingback: Days like Yesterday would make a good story. « gwynweyantsgreatlyblessed

  3. Love stories are not my norm for reading pleasure, but it was a good story line. I like to read but really have no time to as much as I would like. Especially like that it was a short story, allowing me time to finish in only two evenings.

  4. I love your interview Qs, Priscilla! and it’s so fun to read about the person behind the author! thanks!

  5. Thanks for the interview! This sounds like a great story! I am a big country music fan, also. I will add this to my TBR books.

  6. Hi Gwyn,
    My dad was a truck driver – LA to Chicago. So it was always a special time when he was home between trips. Also a tea drinker (I think the coffe drinkers are plotting against us). Will have to check out your book, as I love the title.

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