Teaser Tuesday: WIP

Another teaser from the same WIP from last week. Short, but sweet (relatively sweet..) excerpt =]

Just then his eyes drifted over to the revolving doors where a familiar figure strolled into the lobby.  Devon’s eyes widened in recognition.  With the person turning in his direction Devon did the first thing he could think of.

He grabbed Rachel and spun her around, slamming her back against the wall.  He saw the shocked expression on her face before he leaned down and roughly captured her lips with his own.  She was resistant, pounding her fists against his chest, kicking his shins.

He angled his lips further on top of hers, pressing his body against hers.  Before her fist could strike again, he grabbed her wrist and slammed it into the wall next to her head.  She continued to struggle under him, rubbing her breasts along his abdomen.  Devon applied more pressure, until he heard a sigh escape her lips and he delved his tongue into her mouth, tasting her cherry lip gloss and hint of mint.  Their tongues clashed, arguing without words, warring with each other in a silent battle.

Thoughts? =]

https://i0.wp.com/www.escapecodes.info/images/169.gifPriscilla Shay 2013

9 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday: WIP

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  2. Wow, that’s a hot excerpt! Did you give the name of the book, or are we supposed to guess? I obviously didn’t read this, whatever it is!

    • Hi, Thanks! I’ve been slipping the abbreviated title into the tags 😉 It’s the very, very rough draft of a contemporary romance I started writing in 2008. I’m editing – slowly, but surely – in between the day job and classes. We’ll see what I have for everyone next week 🙂

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