Teaser Tuesday: WIP

An excerpt from a contemporary romance (in all its crappy unedited first draft glory) I’m working on/editing.

“Anybody know where we’re going?”

The conversation lapsed into speculation about their dinner arrangements, the upcoming case, how long they would be gone, what would happen.  Then, she heard the door open followed by a needling drawl.

“Damn, Evans.  You clean up nice.”

Then, to her surprise and utter mortification an arm snaked around her waist.  She glanced down glaring at the appendage.  His breath was hot in her ear.  “You should show your feminine side more often.  It’s hard to remember you’re a girl with what you wear and how you act.”

Too preoccupied resisting the urge to break every one of his fingers, she didn’t notice to apprehension flitting across her co-workers’ faces.  But, then Robert stepped forward shooting her a slight smile.

“Yo, Hunt, ease up.  Perry wants us on our best behavior remember?”  Rachel appreciated Robert stepping, but she didn’t need his help.  She was perfectly fine taking care of herself, especially against Hunt.  Although, Robert’s protectiveness confused her.  Actually, he confused her in general.  One minute he’s flirting her pants off, the next he’s like a guard dog poised for attack.  It was like he –

Hunt’s voice cut into her thoughts.  “What?  I’m not doing anything.  I am playing nice.  Practice for the mission.”

She felt his hand scrubbing along her exposed arm.  Why did she take the shawl off?  Stupid Robert, couldn’t wait until they got to the restaurant to see her dress.  Rachel pouted, but no one paid attention.

Hunt continued.  “We have to play the loving husband and wife, right?  She has to get used to it eventually.”

Cox glanced pointedly at Devon’s arm around Evans.

“Man, if she hurts you don’t say I didn’t give fair warning.”  Cox said holding up his hands in surrender.

Devon chuckled.  “What’s the little lady going to do?  Bat her eyelashes at me?”

Rachel’s anger flared to new heights.  That’s all she was good for, wasn’t it?  Making nice, flirting, batting her eyelashes to make her way in life?  It could never be because she had a mind and used it, right?  No.  Never.  Not when the amazing Devon Hunt was around!  No, everything she accomplished was based on her looks, not her brain.

Rachel squared her shoulders, grabbed his wrist and curled it away from her body.  She shifted her weight and bent her knee.  Twisting her torso she raised her shoulder, grabbed onto his arm with both hands and sent him flying to the ground in front of her.  Flat on his back.

She saw the shock in his eyes and had to suppress her laughter.  Devon Hunt on his back because of her, who would’ve thought?  Rachel plunked a fist on her hip and leaned over him.

She batted her eyelashes and said, “Did this little lady hurt you?”

Thoughts? Comments? Should I just stick with Historicals? lol =]

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