Les Miserable and the Newbie + a Giveaway

Hi, my name is Priscilla Shay and I’m a Les Mis Newbie.

Here’s the backstory: Way back in the early days of December 2012, I saw an awesome trailer and was like I WANT TO SEE THAT MOVIE! It was releasing on Christmas Day, and I figured since I don’t celebrate I could just go to the movies. (Naturally, unforeseen events occurred and this was not achieved.) But, at the end of the commercial the title card popped up: “LES MISERABLES” and I felt kind of guilty for knowing how famous this production was, yet not knowing anything about it.

Nothing. Zilch. Nada.

I was a complete noob.

A song I LOVE and sing all the time was from this play and I didn’t even know it. (Although, that may be attributed to my complete lack of musical knowledge and/or talent.)

Anyway, I finally saw it yesterday and (o.o) Internet, why didn’t you tell me it was so GOOD?! Little known fact about me, I like musicals. But, wow. As a movie it was amazing, imagine what it would be like LIVE?

Storyline from IMDB.com: Prisoner 24601, known as Jean Valjean, is released from prison and breaks parole to create a new life for himself while evading the grip of the persistent Inspector Javert. Set post-revolutionary France, the story reaches resolution against the background of the June Rebellion.

A lot of romance novels were dedicated to Hugh Jackman last year and for Christmas they get a SINGING Jackman as main character Jean Valjean.

I’m not a huge Anne Hathaway fan, but she has an amazing voice. Her rendition of I Dreamed a Dream is one of the best I’ve heard. I liked Susan Boyle’s for the crystal clear, uplifting quality. Hathaway’s cover adds a depth of emotion that you don’t need the associated images to feel.

Amanda Seyfried as Hathaway’s daughter, Cosette, also performs nicely. She sings well, but I must say hers was me least favorite since at times her voice got so high I couldn’t understand. (I’m not saying her singing is bad. Not at all. I just learned I have difficulty hearing certain keys.)

My favorites were Eddie Redmayne and Samantha Barks, Marius and Eponine respectively.

The entire time I kept thinking, “I know him from somewhere. Where have I seen him?” (Note: Apparently no where because I haven’t seen anything he’s been in.) But..I love him o.o His voice, his expressions, his acting, his face. We’ll…go drool in a corner.

Samantha Barks? Hands down, I think she has the best voice of the entire cast. And her story, right to the heart!

When I got home, I immediately searched iTunes for the soundtrack to download my favorite songs. But, sadly 😦 😦 😦 two of my favorites are not included in the “Highlights” soundtrack. (Do You Hear the People Sing and Lovely Ladies.)

Highly recommended. You should go see it. I won’t be surprised if LES MISERABLES wins an Oscar (will, in fact, be disappointed if it doesn’t).


(will be back later in the month with more Les Mis related giveaways!)

Because I was thinking about Shana Galen and her SONS OF THE REVOLUTION (Book 1, Book 2, Book 3) series the entire time


to fill out the Rafflecopter and you can win a DIGITAL copy of ANY of her historical romances wherever available.

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33 thoughts on “Les Miserable and the Newbie + a Giveaway

  1. I haven’t seen it yet, hoping to soon. Love both Hugh Jackman & Anne Hathaway but I’m worried I’ll cry & that’s so horribly embarrassing.

  2. Les Miserable is my absolute favorite musical, so I was really looking forward to seeing the movie version. I was pleased with it, but despite that, I felt that while Russell Crowe’s acting was fine, his singing wasn’t the best. They needed a much strong voice for that role, in my opinion. I was very happy with Eddie Redmayne’s singing though. 🙂

    Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!


  3. I agree with every word about Les Mis except that I had heard of it before seeing it. But not much. Husband is the musical person here. I thought I would like it. But did not think I would bawl my eyes out like a big girl. haha My only complaint, I hated the joking, slapstick comedy from the bad couple that had cosette. The laughter did not fit and made me cringe. That stuff stuck out like a sore thumb from the magnificence of the rest of the movie. Looked like a hacker got hold of it and added for stupidity sake. The rest, amazing. I will take a bathroom break next time I see, guess when. haha

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