4 thoughts on “Happy New Year! Here’s a Vlog…

  1. YAY!!! *Throws confetti*

    This is uber-exciting news, I can’t wait to read your short story!!! Let me know when it releases. I can’t say I’ve been as productive as you have and probably won’t be able to start writing again until May – that’s when I finish my 13 week practicum, though I don’t finish my Bachelor’s of Education until August, but I think I’ll have less stress once the practicum’s over so I can start writing again. I so wanna finish DOTS and get it published already, so I can start working on the sequel. 😛

    • =] I will, I will! LOL actually this is from the summer/beginning of the semester. Since then I haven’t written much. First semester of grad school – working during the day & classes at night – were kicking my butt a little. (A lot.) O.O that’s a lot. Good luck! I want to READ the rest of DOTS 😛

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