A Farm in NY

I don’t have the focus this week for a coherent post (assuming that the other have been…) But, how about a few pictures of where I work?

This is the farmhouse…

It’ s historic site. The building and furniture are. If you look closely, Marty, one of the other workers is entering the farmhouse 🙂 I have a closer picture of him, but I don’t think he knows I took it so I can’t show you his cowboy hat and feathers, and his long white beard !

This is driveway/walkway/pathway into the farm.

This is a tree in the setting sun.

This is the walkway from the giftshop (where I was sitting).

This is a group of people waiting for a tour of the farmhouse.

This is a fall display outside the giftshop. They sell pumpkins, plants, fresh vegetables, and other thing.

It’s on a raised platform that people go and take pictures on the steps.

I promise I’ll take more pictures next time. And they won’t all be from the same spot lol

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