Launch! Giveaways! And Other News…

*peeks out from under covers*’s August already? *rolls over* Shoo. Come back in a few days… You’re still here? Fine..

I’m back! Take a look around, let me know if you like the changes. (I think it’s pretty.) Hopefully, everything is easy to find, but if you get lost leave a comment or send an email and I’ll draw you a map!


I decided to take another step toward the publishing world and create a professional (looking) website. If anyone is scouring the internet for PRISCILLA SHAY, I can say I’m pretty satisfied with what they’ll find.

Author Interviews and Giveaways

In celebration of the new site, I have been in contact with a few brilliant (and seriously kind) authors. Staring August 6th (8/6), I’ll interviews and giveaways once a week for the rest of the month. Each giveaway will run until the end of the week. That Sunday, the winner will be posted. Then, Monday we’ll have another author and more giveaways! (I.e. 8/6 – 8/11, Winner: 8/12, Next 8/13) In the queue is a Historical Romance author and a Contemporary Romance author, both of whom lead up to a DEBUT romance author whose book releases 8/28.

It’ll be so much FUN! Make sure you return each week. You’ll have multiple (and daily) chances to win! Sign up for Email Subscriptions (in the sidebar) or add me to your RSS feed to stay updated on new posts.

Other News…

  • My SWY followers, there’s a whole page just for you! Enjoy 🙂 (Still working on those chapters..)
  • Someone (I don’t remember who) Tweeted about the @First Sight Short Story Contest in May. It was hosted by Boroughs Publishing Group (open to published and unpublished authors) and the theme was ‘love at first sight’ with a limit of 6k-10k words. I didn’t win, but my Regency Short Story RETURNING THE FAVOR made it to the SEMI-FINALS! It was my first contest, so I was kind of excited about it ^_^ (I’ll have more about this story later in the year!!)
  • Did you guys know, this coming October/November will FIVE years since I started writing?
  • I’m editing Will and Sophia’s story. The formerly titled WILLFUL WISDOM, has a new title! WHEN CAPTURING A SPY
  • I have a few others in the works. A Victorian, a Medieval, a Paranormal, a Contemporary, a Paranormal YA, a Historical YA. (I have very little focus…Hence my ‘motto’. See header.)
  • A few (A LOT) of my past posts have been removed. I’ve had this blog since 2009.Many of the posts are whiny (how did you guys deal with me?!), some of them are spoilerish for Will and Sophia’s story since I was blogging as I was writing, and some are just really dumb. The articles and book recommendations are still up though!

REMEMBER: Come back August 6th! I’ll be doing a giveaway of the first romance novel *I* ever read!!!


3 thoughts on “Launch! Giveaways! And Other News…

  1. Hi Priscilla,
    Another Regency Rockstar here, Love the site, I Look forward to stopping in from time to time to catch your blog.

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