VOTE for Your Favorite Scene Stealer! (Paranormal Romance Edition)

What is a scene stealer? I define it as that character that walks onto the page, be it for a sentence, a scene, or a chapter and unleashes the witty quip you’ll ever hear, the best set-down imaginable, or sometimes there are no words at all –Ā  just a simple look or gesture. It is that character that you remember long after you close the book, turn off the e-reader, or shut down the computer even if it wasn’t their story.

(Please keep in mind that the poll choices are limited. These are authors I have read. I know there are many other well-known paranormal authors, Nalini Singh, Christine Feehan, Lara Adrian, etc. That’s why I included the other option for you to add your own choices…but don’t go crazy!!)

Go forth and vote minions! =]
*You can only vote once! Choose wisely (insert evil laugh and creepy grin)

*Also, stay tuned! Will be doing a giveaway later this month! =]

5 thoughts on “VOTE for Your Favorite Scene Stealer! (Paranormal Romance Edition)

    • I was GOING to include Lothaire too. But, Nix has been in every single book and I tried to keep it fair, one author/one character. (It was difficult tho!)

  1. Simi of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter series was added as an OTHER!

    I was also thinking about adding Lothaire of Kresley Cole’s IAD series šŸ™‚

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