Updates and the End of an Era

Some of you may know that Aug 2011 was the beginning of my final semester as an undergraduate in college. The semester (naturally -____-) was the toughest. In my mind, I set everything up for the last semester to have easy classes so that I could focus on my honors thesis. (The honors thesis pertaining to the English Department Honors Program.) While most of my classes were online during the semester, they were DEFINITELY not easy. No, they were easy. But, there was a LOT of reading. A lot!

This was reading for one class

In addition to the five classes I took, I was (still am) the Editor-in-Chief of the college literary magazine. This wasn’t stressful because the staff was great. The group got along and everything went smoothly. We even had some amazing flyers!

This was hand drawn and written by one of our art editors for Obscura-Fest (there was an Edgar Allan Poe Hole-in-Face too! Made by another of our editors)

But, it’s an ongoing, time consuming process. (Read Volume 1 here!)

However, despite the stress and tears I have accomplished a lot and have many more planned. Some might seem insignificant, but they mean a lot to me.

– Graduated college under 4 years
– graduating summa cum laude
– graduating with HIGHEST HONORS for the department
– completed honors thesis (written in prose)

I am also looking into a few Masters programs…since 20 years of school is apparently not enough for me. But, right now I’m looking into a Publishing degree or a History degree. We’ll see what happens.

In the mean time I WRITE!

I have been (slowly) moving Stained With You (SWY) to this blog because of my posting issues with FictionPress. (See Stained With You tab) I will post when I upload a *new* chapter. Stay tuned.

I’ve started editing Willful Wisdom(WW) (title subject to change) OH MY GOD after three years >_< It’s going well so far though! I have an outline, I know the characters better, I’ve fixed most of the plot holes. The story is pretty much down. What needs improvement is my writing. (Working on that, PROMISE.)

However,  I want to finish SWY, WW, and the young adult (YA) paranormal I’m working on this year with the intention of sending it out to an agent or two around August. *crosses fingers*

These aren’t New Year resolutions. They’re all part of the grand Five Year Plan I put together on a whim a few weeks ago. (Of course, my friend threw a wrench in the mix by suggesting I add marriage and children to the list…*grumble grumble*)

In addition to these three novels, I want to start Collingsworth’s and Bromfield’s stories (secondary characters from WW). I have outlines for them too. But, since they’re connected to Will and Sophia I couldn’t start their stories until I had the characters solidified.

I’ve also started another side story. (I have the attention span of a gnat.) It’s in the works, but I’ve started a blog/website to go along with the story and make it a bit interactive. You should check it out =] *shameless selfpromotion* https://versepanic.wordpress.com/ (I drew the pictures myself ^_^)

Then, there are a few YA and other things I’m playing around with.

The plot bunnies try to kill me in my sleep! O.O

Also, while I haven’t officially taken any Book Pledges for the year, at present I have read 10 books and I’m in the middle of 4 others with plans to pick up 9  more from the library.

That’s all I have for now.

What about you guys? Any good news you want to share? Is your life a bit crazy? Is it all your fault?


2 thoughts on “Updates and the End of an Era

  1. I recently read Stained With You on Fictionpress and I was hooked. How do I read the story? Did you post it on your blog or are you in the process of editing it?

    • Hi, It was taken down and I am editing it toward seeking a contract. Follow me on Twitter or follow the blog to stay updated. In the mean time, I have a historical romance out. Thank you for reading!

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