Because of You by Jessica Scott

Released: November 14, 2011

Title: Because of You

List Price: $2.99

Author: Jessica Scott

Pages: 271 pgs; 2087 kb

Publisher: Loveswept

Description (Amazon): From the war-torn streets of Baghdad to the bittersweet comforts of the home front, two wounded hearts navigate the battlefield of coming home from war in this explosive eBook original from newcomer Jessica Scott.

Keeping his men alive is all that matters to Sergeant First Class Shane Garrison. But meeting Jen St. James the night before his latest deployment makes Shane wonder if there’s more to life than war. He leaves for Iraq remembering a single kiss with a woman he’ll never see again- until a near fatal attack lands him back at home and in her care.  Jen has survived her own brush with death and endured its scars. And yet there’s a fire in Shane that makes Jen forget all about her past. He may be her patient, but when this warrior looks her in the eyes, she feels – for the first time in a long time – like a woman. Shane is too proud to ask for help, but for Jen, caring for him is more than a duty -it’s a need. And as Jen guides Shane through the fires of healing, she finds something she never expected – her deepest desire.


No wallflowers here. Just two broken protagonists who heal each other and come out better people on the other side.

My one and only complaint about this novel is the incorporation of the date. Since it’s not set in 2011 and the time is important to the military aspect, but it could’ve been weaved in rather than saying ” It was 2007…”. Now, that that’s out of the way.

I actually met Jessica over the summer at RAW ’11. She was so excited to be there you couldn’t help but get excited with her. Then, when I was able to hand her the ‘First Sale’ ribbon, it’s silly, but I felt like I was part of her publishing ride. IT WAS SO EXCITING. Case in point:

Congrats @JessicaScott09 !! (From the registration desk ^_^) on Twitpic

Jessica, like Julie James, uses her life experiences in her work that gives it that touch of authenticity you can’t argue with.

I’m not keen on e-books, but LoveSwept is an e-book first imprint. Yeah, I got over the e-book thing. Just for her =) It’s an amazing novel. I can’t even say it’s a good debut. It’s a good book. Plain and simple. The characters are real. The dialogue is real. The hardships are REAL. I fell in love with each and every one of the characters. (Okay, well, there was one jerk. But, he was supposed to be a jerk. Wanted to shove him off a cliff though…)


Shane is a dedicated military man. When his wife left him he still had the military. But, what happens when he can’t stay with his men?

Jen is a nurse who holds Shane’s military career in her hands. At one point, I thought she was going to tell him no and that’s where the plot would begin. But, no. That would be cliché. And I’m so happy Jessica didn’t do that.

Shane’s broken.

Jen’s broken.

Jessica fixes them.

The secondary characters/couples show different aspects of military life. The waiting. The fear. The trust. The loneliness. The happiness. The love. The family. Jen, on the other hand, is learning about all of this much like you will if you’re a civilian.

This isn’t a light-hearted, fun read. It has its moments. However, it’s more on the emotional, deep character journey end of the spectrum. AND IT’S AWESOME. (In case you didn’t get that before…)

Go buy this one now. You won’t regret it and it’s an amazing way to end 2011. This is one of my favorite books published this year.

Rating: 4 1/2 out of 5 stars.

@_@ OMG I can’t wait for the next one! I. WANT. IT. NOW.


*Extra special Christmas present for Jessica and her family? Her husband returned home (SAFELY) from Iraq on Christmas Eve.

This made me tear up, but it made me think of Jessica and her family:

2 thoughts on “Because of You by Jessica Scott

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  2. You are the sweetest thing! I loved meeting you this summer at RWA and it was so so cool to have that first sale ribbon! That you and Paula worked to make sure I had that touched me deeply. Thanks for such a great great review and I’m so glad you enjoyed Because of You!

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