The Many Sins of Lord Cameron by Jennifer Ashley

Released August 2, 2011

Title: The Many Sins of Lord Cameron

List Price: $7.99

Author: Jennifer Ashley

Pages: 320; + Excerpt of The Duke’s Perfect Wife

Publisher: Berkley Sensation

Description (Amazon, but the backcover is better): A renowned rake, Cameron Mackenzie doesn’t care if Ainsley Douglas has a virtuous excuse for sneaking around his bedchamber. He only cares that she’s at his mercy. One kiss at a time, he plans to seduce her. But what starts out as a lusty diversion may break Cam’s own rules.


The third in Jennifer Ashley’s Victorian Romance series, The Many Sins of Lord Cameron, features Cameron Mackenzie, the second oldest of four brothers.

Cameron is a strong, all around I-like-horses-more-than-people man. Yet, he cares deeply for his family and is fiercely loyal, especially concerning his sixteen year old son, Daniel. Cameron married, had a child, and became a single father far earlier than men in the 19th century or even this century, consider having children. But, it was his world and he had to live in it, if not for himself, then for his son. Being as young as he was, however, Cameron was clueless and for the most part still is. He readily admits if it wasn’t for his brothers and sisters-in-law, both he and Daniel would have failed miserably.

Cameron, being a Mackenzie, was and is surrounded by scandal. He can’t go a day without it and rather than shy away from it, he readily accepts this. He sleeps with whoever he pleases, whenever he pleases, regardless of marital status. The ladies of the ton know this and, despite his blackened reputation, seek him out.

Which is why he wasn’t surprised to find Ainsley Douglas, a young girl with a graying husband, snooping around his bedroom. However, kind and loyal Ainsley rebuffs Cameron’s advances, declaring her fidelity to her husband.

Six years later, Ainsley is again caught in Cameron’s room, only now she’s a widow and doesn’t have a proper excuse. Cameron seizes his opportunity and lures (um…blackmails?) her into his bed.

Cameron, a man haunted by his wife’s ghost and his lack of fatherly skills, and Ainsley a suppressed widow on a mission for a reclusive queen. Cameron likes to ‘take care’ of things, while Ainsley is desperate to keep her secret swept under the rug. Daniel just wants his father happy. Mac? Mac likes seeing Cameron suffer. And Ian, dear sweet Ian, could care less about that lot when Beth’s around – and she’s ALWAYS around.

The story was great. I pre-ordered it and finished reading the day it came out. Ashley continues her standard wit and relatable characters. This time she gives you more of taste of the historical setting by involving Queen Victoria. But, I’ll let you in on a secret – Ian’s still my favorite =)

(Oh! By the way, BEST. PROPOSAL. EVER. I lol-ed)

Rating: 4 stars


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4 thoughts on “The Many Sins of Lord Cameron by Jennifer Ashley

  1. Actually no its not, Ms. Ashley is writing more books in the Mackenzie series. She’s announced two more books after Hart’s novel, including “The Seduction of Elliot McBride” (Elliot and Juliana) and “The Life and Love of Daniel Mackenzie” (Daniel’s story)…though both titles are tentative.

    I was so happy when I found out, I could probably hang with the Mackenzie’s forever! 😀

    • oo yay =) I’m Blanking on who Elliot and Juliana are (the..half brother?). But, yay! Daniel 🙂 I think that title would fit his story perfectly

  2. Hey, I loved loved loved this novel. (And yeah, though Ian is still my fave too, I really liked Cameron — I felt so sorry for him when I read about his previous marriage, he had a way more realistic reason to avoid commitment than some of the “rakes” we read about in most historical romances.) Now I really can’t wait for Hart’s novel! 😀

    • I know. And it’s not like he was an a** about it either. I’m he was…but…not really o_O

      Eh…I can wait on Hart. Granted, the tidbit did make his story intriguing. But, when his book comes out, it’s over :/

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