My Lord Scandal by Emma Wildes

Released: September 7, 2010

Title: My Lord Scandal (Notorious Bachelors)

List Price: $6.99

Author: Emma Wildes

Pages: 306; 307 – 336: excerpts from Our Wicked Mistake and His Sinful Secret

Publisher: Signet

Description (back of my book): Despite her beauty, Lady Amelia Patton has lived a sheltered life among her books.  When she finds herself suddenly the toast of the ton, she is far from delighted.  Her father, Lord Hathaway, wants her married off quickly, but the last person he’d choose for her husband is the son of his worst enemy…

Alexander St. James may be a thief of hearts, but he is no burglar.  Nevertheless, he must recover an item belonging to his family to avoid a scandal, and so he has stolen into the home of Lord Hathaway, not expecting to come upon beguiling Lady Amelia in hr bedroom, wearing only a lace chemise…

From their first meeting, Alexander leaves Amelia breathless – but is it from fear or from excitement?  Captivated by her beauty and charmed by her intellect, he ignores the scandalous whispers as he sets out to seduce the woman of his dreams…


I was going to the museum to meet with my professor and a few other students in the English Honors Program.  I took my brother along because I promised to take him that particular museum (The MET) for a while.  Somehow, (if you know me, you know my luck with trains -___-) we arrived downtown an hour early.  I decided we’d hang out in Barnes and Noble to kill some time.  I wanted a book, he wanted a book.  Win win.

We were browsing and I happened upon Emma Wildes’ Our Wicked Mistake.  What drew me in was the immense BLUENESS of the cover model’s eyes.  I was like: “OOOO, BLUE!”  Then, I read the back and it seemed pretty interesting.  I grabbed it and we left, went to the museum, went home, and started reading.

About ten pages in I couldn’t read anymore.  The characters were flat and dialogue wasn’t witty.  It was boring.  Then, I thought, maybe it’s the character and not the writing.  This was an absurd thought considering normally I would have chucked the book in a corner and forgotten about it because it didn’t pass the 50page test.  But, when I got home I looked up the author and found out Our Wicked Mistake was actually second in the Notorious Bachelors series.  One, that annoyed me.  I prefer reading series’ in order.

Anyway, I figured, I should read the first in the series before I judge the second because I might find out more about the characters and have cause to like them.  (Kind of like Jardine in The Sweetest Sin.  Hmm, still haven’t read the first book yet.  The library doesn’t have it. Boo.)

I bought My Lord Scandal and I was expecting to like Alex because the little I saw of him in Our Wicked Mistake (although he was already married) was intriguing.  I wanted to know how he came to be so content and carefree.  With that, I finished My Lord Scandal the night I bought it.

Amelia’s a sweet, innocent girl and Alexander is a mysterious, fun-loving, man on the run from The Mothers.

Amelia is also strong, funny, and passionate, while, Alex is dark, protective, and a former soldier/spy.

The tale is a twist of Romeo and Juliet with a little bit of Indiana Jones thrown in, but it’s not a heavy, angsty story.  It’s a light-hearted read about two people whose families hate each other, but they do not.  They are mature enough to recognize that neither has wronged each other and that the feud had nothing to do with them.

Alex at first (for about two minutes) fights his love her Amelia because of the feuding families, but he eventually accepts it which is a nice change from the hero who fights the change to the bloody end.  Amelia’s a virgin, yes, but she’s not broken.  She is, however, frail.  But, this doesn’t detract from her character, rather it adds to who she is and also brings out the best in Alex.  (Brings out the worst in her father though.  I wanted to punch the man. >_<)

The whole feud and drama surrounding it is quite interesting as it delves into the nature of humans and what happens when people meet after they are locked into certain stations in life.  The twist at the end, however, I personally believe is a bit far fetched.  Also, a bit rushed.  At one point I turned the page and I thought I was missing a few pages. But, still a fun read.

Rating: 3 ½ stars.


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