The Rake by Suzanne Enoch

Released: June 4, 2002

Title: The Rake

List Price: $7.99

Author: Suzanne Enoch

Pages: 375

Publisher: Avon

Description (Amazon): Three determined young ladies vow to give three of London’s worst rakes their comeuppance — but when these rogues turn the tables, who truly learns a lesson in love?

Once upon a time, the notorious Viscount Dare charmed Lady Georgiana Halley out of her innocence — to win a wager, no less! — and now he must pay dearly. The, plan is simple: She will use every seductive wile she knows to win Dare’s heart…and then break it. But his smoldering gaze once again tempts Georgiana to give in to desire — and when he astonishes her with a marriage proposal, she wonders: Is he playing yet another game…or could it truly be love this time?


The Rake is the first in the Lessons in Love series, however, the title character – Tristan Carroway, Lord Dare – is introduced in Enoch’s previous novel, A Matter of Scandal, which is the concluding novel of her With this Ring series.

Georgiana is the cousin of Grey, Duke of Wycliffe (the hero of A Matter of Scandal) and Tristan is Grey’s best friend.  Follow?  Okay, the two hate each other for some unknown reason.  But, everyone in the ton knows the keep away from these two.  They hurl insults like there’s no tomorrow and Georgiana cracks fans over Tristan’s knuckles like crazy.

I can’t tell you why they hate each other because it’s an integral part of the plot.  But, if I was Georgiana, I’d hate him too.

Tristan is searching for a wife, not only because his title is bankrupt, but also because he has three younger brothers and two elderly aunts to care for.  He’s a rake, but he’s a sweetheart and I ❤ him.

Georgiana, while stubborn and rash (when it comes to Tristan) also cares for his family, especially the youngest brother, Edward, who is eight.

Georgiana is determined to teach Tristan a lesson in how to treat women, simultaneously exacting her revenge.  But, of course SOMEthing goes wrong 😉

This one is an oldie, but a goodie.  I didn’t recently finish reading this book, but it is and will always be on my nightstand because it’s one of those novels I’ll always return to.  I know the plot front and back, but the witty dialogue, strong characters, and amusing interactions pull me in.  Whenever I need a laugh or a fun read I turn to Tristan and Georgiana.

Rating: 4 ½ stars


The next novel in the series is London’s Perfect Scoundrel featuring Georgiana’s friend Evelyn and Saint.

4 thoughts on “The Rake by Suzanne Enoch

  1. I remember reading The Rake =D The Black Duke`s prize is also a good book by Suzanne Enoch, even though it doesn`t have any sex scenes >_>

    I thought The Rake was pretty cute.

    By the way, the book I always like to go back to is A Perfect Bride by Samantha James. It always makes me cry. 🙂

    • ah >_< I haven't read that one! Or anything by Samantha James lol

      But, Saint and Evelyn is my favorite :3

      huh..idk what review to post for tomorrow, lol, I don't have anything written

      • I love Samantha James. You should check out The Secret Passion of Simon Blackwell, Bride of a Wicked Scotsman, A Perfect Bride, and Gabriel`s Bride.

        • oh, haha, I actually lied (oops) I’ve read The Truest Heart and His Wicked Ways.

          But, I’ll definitely add those to my list…I’m going to run out of books soon 🙂

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