Much Ado About Marriage by Karen Hawkins

Released: August 31, 2010

Title: Much Ado About Marriage

List Price: $7.99

Author: Karen Hawkins

Pages: 365pgs; 366 – 400: excerpt from One Night in Scotland and ads for other books

Publisher: Pocket Star

Description (GoodReads):

New York Times bestselling author Karen Hawkins’s first historical romance, originally titled ONE LUCKY LORD and written as Kim Bennett, has been rewritten to tie into both her “MacLeans” series and her new “Hurst Amulet” series.

Fearless English earl Thomas Wentworth scoffs at failure, trusting in the legendary Wentworth luck to safeguard his spy mission to Scotland. But a single encounter with saucy Scotswoman Fia Maclean turns Thomas’s mission topsy-turvy. All-too-innocently entangling him in his enemy’s trap, the beautiful Fia gives Thomas no escape but to marry her. But Thomas doesn’t know just what he’s marrying into. With an ancient amulet in Fia’s possession, she wields even more power than her sharp tongue and quick wit. Her cousin, Douglas Maclean stole the magical amulet from the White Witch, Maeve Hurst, and gave it to Fia for safekeeping. But now, with Fia in London with Thomas, the amulet falls into the hands of Queen Elizabeth. Thinking it will be safe in the queen’s hands, Fia leaves it be and focuses on bedeviling her newly betrothed!


I found this book through a Facebook ad of all places.  My friend saw it too and she told me it looked interesting (based off the cover, of course.  Look at it.  He’s hot.)

First off, this book is a rewrite of the author’s first novel (because she wanted to include the MacLeans who are related to her latest series) and she lets you know from the start (or, you know, if you read the back of the book.)  I didn’t know this until I was standing in BN with the book in hand reading the back.  But, I was okay with it anyway because it’s the first Karen Hawkins I’ve read.

I’m telling you all this because I read a few reviews where the readers felt “cheated” because it wasn’t a “new” book.  1) Did you read the back of the book? 2) I’m sure a lot of authors would love to go back and rewrite their first novel.  It happens with growth.

This is a different type of novel, set in the Elizabethan era.

Fia’s awesome.  She’s all feminine with a bite.  She’s animal friendly, but not Thomas Wentworth friendly.  She’s strong, vulnerable, sassy, lonely, feisty, kind – she’s a mass of contradictions really.

Thomas Wentworth, Earl of Rotherwood has daddy issues, but he’s also the ‘luckiest man in all of England’.  Naturally, when he meets Fia this goes out the window.  But, because of his skill and luck he’s chosen to infiltrate the MacClean castle; Fia knocks him out a window.  Accidentally.   He captures a rabbit for dinner; she makes the bunny a pet.

This sort of humorous contradiction continues throughout the novel and the reader learns about Fia’s past, her cousin Duncan, Thomas’ past, and both main protagonists’ present goals.  Fia’s aspirations to be a playwright seem a bit farfetched, but this is the Elizabethan era, around or possibly before Shakespeare popped up.  She had a chance 😛

Robert adds his personal touch of humor.  Gotta love the carefree charmer…who know how to wield his sword.  (Take that however you want to lol.)

Duncan…oh, Duncan.

It has a touch of paranormal with a ridiculously interesting subplot between the White With who has an amulet and Fia’s cousin, Duncan.  Laird Duncan – definitely an Alpha male (Rika, where are you?  Are you reading this? AL-PHA MALE) – he’s large, in charge, possessive, protective, and…a big softie when it comes to Fia.  He’d do anything to protect her.  He’s an interesting concoction.

I Twitter stalked her too and begged her to write Duncan’s story.  *hold breath*  She’s thinking about it…i.e legal hoops :/

The characters are fun, funny, and charming.  I was reading and had class the next day, but I finished that night.  I couldn’t go to sleep because I kept thinking about everything Fia and Thomas did, what Robert said, how Duncan surprised me.  Good fun, food fun =)

*By the way, I don’t know if it was the Year of Hugh Jackman or something, but this is one of like five books I read in 2010 (published in 2010) that was dedicated to him.

: 4 stars


Don’t you love that you never know what you’ll get hear?  It might be adult, young adult, historical, contemporary, paranormal, historical paranormal lol.  I guess the only constant thing is romance o.O

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