End of the Semester

Well, here it is folks!! The end of the semester!  WHOOOO.  I handed in my last essay yesterday and took the last final at 6pm.  Now the only thing left is to wait, biting my nails off, for the grades to be posted.  Hurry up!!! *refresh refresh refresh*

When I come home I turned on the laptop and opened a MS doc to get a start on all those book reviews I promised….and I was knocked out by 10pm and woke up at 11:07am ….

Guess my body took me at my word when I said I’d sleep for two days once the semester ended -_________-

Oh! And then, I woke up, checked my mail on my phone, and found out….I won’t have a job next semester! *high five*

Not to mention I lost my i.d. card after I left campus yesterday.


Anyway, I’m about to go out with some friends to the movies and maybe dinner to celebrate it being over.  Then, when I get back I’ll start looking for a job… rawr.


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