NaNoWriMo 2010: The Heart Speaks


And in preparation for this momentous event, I’ve decided to share the actor representations for this story.  (The synopsis is posted under WIPS, but I’ll post it here too!)

“The Heart Speaks” © NaNoWriMo 2010
…Are you listening?

Twenty-three years ago, Zachary Calder, Viscount Salisborne, received the best gift a boy could ask for: a mother.  She brought light and laughter to both he and his father.  However, the love Zachary feels for his parents is nothing compared to the immense loneliness and dejection he carries every day.  While his childhood was filled with strong, encouraging people he can’t help but feel like a stranger in a large, disjointed world that had no place for him – a Deaf lord in 1838, England.

Elizabeth Temple, crossing the Atlantic, is excited to accompany her aunt to Queen’s Victoria’s long-anticipated coronation.  The trip – and coronation – had been planned for almost a full year, but as always, Elizabeth’s life went awry, and delayed the excursion.  But, now, with her feet firmly planted on the deck of the Golden Sparrow, Elizabeth is bursting with excitement for her first journey to England, the many sites to see, and the wonderful people she would meet.  Life in America was wonderful, but she needed something new, something exciting!

Will Zachary find his place in the world?  Will Elizabeth find her adventure?  Or are the two one and the same?
This is a cover/banner my cousin made for me:

Isn’t he awesome??

And the people I’ve decided fit the characters best are Nina Dobrev (from Vampire Diaries) and Chace Crawford (from Gossip Girl)

aren’t they cute?!


5 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo 2010: The Heart Speaks

  1. Aw, well, from what I’ve seen from the agents on Twitter, they’re not ignoring you there’s just A LOT of people querying. Yeah, I’d wait too because NaNo is already going to drive you crazy 😛

    I’ve come to the conclusion that my first story (WW?) is too large of a project for me to tackle right now, especially since all three books in the series are interconnected and the characters play off of each other to a point. So, I’m thinking after NaNo (hopefully I finish this year’s story), I’ll go back edit last year’s story AND this year’s story (since they’re related) and then see how the querying thing goes…Plus, I kinda fell for my protags in both stories, lol

  2. So cute! 😀

    Chase Crawford is my inspiration for young Alec in “Flirting With Disaster”…I just love his eyes!

    The story sounds so intriguing, you have to get it published some day so I could buy it. I have to ask is the name “Golden Sparrow” by any chance a tribute to “Jack Sparrow”….I LOVE Jack Sparrow 😀

    • aw, lol, thanks. I had Freddie Highmore as Zachary before (as a kid) and I was going to use him now. But, he’s only 18 and he doesn’t look old enough :/

      😀 actually “Golden Sparrow”..I just needed a ship-y sounding name. BUT! I can totally use your explanation too 😛

      How’s the querying going??

      • Querying is insane, just as I thought it would be and although I’ve gotten a few rewrite requests from some agents…I haven’t heard anything from the ones I want. (I don’t know if that means they’re ignoring me or they’re just that busy.) I’vefound a few more agents who are accepting email queries, but I’ve decided to wait from contacting them until after NaNo, becuase have a feeling I might like how “Apollo’s Necromancer” turns out, and I might want to query for that as well. 😉

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