Noelle Pierce and Eloisa James

I can’t think of an eloquent way to introduce this so I’m just going to come out and say it: NOELLE PIERCE IS THE AWESOMEST PERSON EVER!

She recently attended the RWA conference in Orlando, Florida (if you don’t know this you haven’t been following her blog and I don’t know why you’re not.  Go do it!).  She met a bunch of amazing authors, attended workshops, and of course (YAY!) made out like Elizabeth Boyle’s Captain Dashwell.

*(Did you guys hear about Elizabeth Boyle’s awesome news?  I want this the second it’s translated into English!)

By the way, Noelle has a bunch of books (some are signed!) and she’s having a giveaway (for the next 5 weeks!) of some of the books she smuggled out of Florida.  Go enter!

Ok, so, this wonderful person came back from her trip and said she has a surprise. (I was excited before I knew what it was!)  Then, a few days later I received a package in the mail.

I saw this…

*glare is from my phone's flash*

And did this 😀

Then saw this and screamed.

Then saw this and laughed, smiled, aw-ed, and broke my face from cheesing.

Then I pulled this out of the BN bag because I happened to buy it the same day I received the package. (I got Eloisa’s postcard in the mail – it was so pretty! –  and I couldn’t NOT get the book.)

..So, I screamed some more. (Dad thought lost my mind.)

This of course prompted an Eloisa James backlist binge (which is why I’ve been MIA for a bit).  I read the entire Essex Sisters series and I’m halfway through the Duchess Quartet series.  These were all I could manage without leaving the house (via e-book from the NY Public Library) what with all the packing to move.

Eloisa James:

New York Times bestselling author Eloisa James writes historical romances for HarperCollins Publishers. Her novels have been published to great acclaim. A reviewer from USA Today wrote of Eloisa’s very first book that she “found herself devouring the book like a dieter with a Hershey bar”; later People Magazine raved that “romance writing does not get much better than this.” Her novels have repeatedly received starred reviews from Publishers’ Weekly and Library Journal and regularly appear on the best-seller lists.

After graduating from Harvard University, Eloisa got an M.Phil. from Oxford University, a Ph.D. from Yale and eventually became a Shakespeare professor, publishing an academic book with Oxford University Press. Currently she is an associate professor and head of the Creative Writing program at Fordham University in New York City. Her “double life” is a source of fascination to the media and her readers. In her professorial guise, she’s written a New York Times op-ed defending romance, as well as articles published everywhere from women’s magazines such as More to writers’ journals such as the Romance Writers’ Report.

Eloisa James is awesome.  She’s an author, a professor, wife and mother. (*Nudge, nudge* Like someone else I know…)  Plus, she has a Wikipedia page.  (I just thought you should know that too.)  Her novels are amazing.  The amount of effort she puts into making each one of them historically accurate is truly inspiring.  I LOVE reading her author notes.  I can’t wait for more of her novels to be published! (Although, with Duchess in Love I would hate to be stuck with Sebastian.  He’s so stuffy. *giggle*)

Noelle, OF COURSE, I’m happy. How could you think otherwise!  (I’ve been considering Liz as a name for one of my heroines.)

Interesting tidbit: my college is a few blocks away from where Eloisa teaches.  I’ve gotten it into my head I’d love to take one of her classes (especially being an English major).  *Adds to list of things to do before I graduate* Plus, I absolutely LOVE Shakespeare.  I feel like a nerd whenever I notice a latent Shakespearean reference in everyday life or I can pick it out in one of her novels and tell you the exact play and context.  But, then I feel special because I recognize them.  It’s an odd, odd mixture.

The moral of the post: Noelle Pierce is an awesome person and so is Eloisa James!  Thank you both so much!

I hope I can meet you in person one day Eloisa! And, Noelle…it’s my mission to get a signed copy of YOUR novel.

Seriously, thank you 🙂

Now…my next dilemma…Do I read Duchess by Night first or A Kiss at Midnight?


*I just realized there’s a ridiculous amount of links in this post*

4 thoughts on “Noelle Pierce and Eloisa James

  1. Oh, Villier’s book had me guessing. I think I reviewed it on my blog, so don’t read that post yet. I’m dying for Kiss at Midnight…but I have to wait to get paid first.

    Yes, just plotting issues. I’m working through a few bugs in Gemini, but it will be stronger in the end. It’s just getting a lot of additions in the first half. Plus side, since the first draft, I’ve added 15k, so it’s at 90k finally. 😀

    • *sigh* >_< I dislike having to wait to be paid especially when I know I'll just get a book.

      Oh, but that's a good thing! Stressful, but if it works out better in the end…

      +15k is awesome. I have the opposite problem. I must edit, but cut like 20k. Except, in my 2nd draft outline..I think I added more to the plot so I'm not sure how that's going to happen.

  2. I’m so glad you like it! I couldn’t get Tessa’s new one, so when I saw EJ and her line was short, I jumped (and took a chance you liked her books). This was my favorite of the early Desperate Duchess stories…until Villier’s story (have you read *that* one yet?!). The fencing scene is uber-hot. Just sayin’. Have an ice-bath ready.

    Thanks for the laughter today. I needed it. 😀

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