You Wish – Release

Hi everyone!

First: The Twice Tempted by a Rogue by Tessa Dare book review is a WIP.

Second: The Three Nights With a Scoundrel is a Read-in-Progress (I’m hearing good things about it!)

Third: Mandy Hubbard‘s second YA novel releases in three days and Sarah J. Maas, soon-to-be-published author and LTWF contributor is hosting a contest on her blog –>

giving away a signed copy YOU WISH


PS –> follow me on twitter! 🙂 <– shameless publicity

2 thoughts on “You Wish – Release

  1. This isn’t really a comment about the post, but more about the new look of the blog. What happened to the cute little anime Regency cartoon characters?

    • Oh, I still have them. I just..get bored easily and have the urge to change my layout every few months..weeks..

      I’ll draw new ones for when I change again! 🙂

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