Promise Me Tonight – Sara Lindsey

Sara Lindsey’s Promise Me Tonight

Tessa Dare published her debut trilogy – not book, TRILOGY – last year.  And like many authors, she had author friends!  Naturally, being a good friend, she recommends their stories; which is how I stumbled onto Sara Lindsey.

Promise Me Tonight is Sara’s debut novel…which is part of a series – “The Weston Novels”.

Back Cover:

Isabella is determined to marry James…

Isabella Weston has loved James Sheffield for as long as she can remember. Her come-out ball seems the perfect chance to make him see her in a new light.

James is determined never to marry…

James is stunned to find the impish girl he once knew has blossomed into a sensual goddess. And if he remembers his lessons, goddesses always spell trouble for mortal men.

A compromise is clearly necessary.

When Izzie kisses James, her artless ardor turns to a masterful seduction that drives him mad with desire. But, no stranger to heartbreak, James is determined never to love, and thus never to lose. Can Isabella convince him that a life without love might be the biggest loss of all?

Now, we’ve all read ‘girl falls in love with older brother’s best friend’ novels – so much that they are now cliché and overdone.  Except, Izzie is one of seven, James is an orphan living with/is heir to his mean old guardian.

There isn’t much I can say without spoiling or copyright infringing.  But, although this was a cliché I liked how it was handled and the characters aren’t perfect.  James has his hang ups and reasons for his issues.  Izzie is the tender-heart determined to fix him.

Now, I know we all like to think we can fix people – even if they don’t want to be fixed – and Izzie is the same.  This …determination, however, lands her in trouble.

James doesn’t want to marry.  At all.  But, under the guise of ‘saving him’ Izzie forces his hand.  But, again, (it’s like a list of Austen universally acknowledged truths!) guys don’t like being forced into things.  If anything, pretend like you’re letting them make their own decision.

The end was a little rushed for me only because I expected a little more fight from Izzie because of what James did and the way he did it.  But, I guess the end was near.

The voice was modern, closer to Tess Dare’s style than Eloisa James or Anne Gracie.  But, that seems to be the going trend of new authors; modern voice, historical setting.

It’s kind of funny because all the reviews are hailing Sarah Lindsey as the next Julia Quinn.  This of course is a great compliment because Julia Quinn is an awesome author, extremely popular, witty, funny, etc.  However, it could also be seen as an insult – on Julia’s part.  If Sarah Lindsey is the next Julia Quinn, does that mean that the reign of the current Julia Quinn is over?  Personally, I don’t think so since Julia’s releasing another book in May (Ten Things I Love About You).

Anywho, I give this novel 3 ½ stars out of five.

I loved the writing, the wit, dialogue, character development.  My only quibbles were the rushed ending, the cliché ending (that everyone seems to be using now), and the lack of other family members.  This last one isn’t a big deal, it’s just that, it was mentioned repeatedly that Izzie is part of a large family and the blurb hints that the large family is what perpetuate James’ change of heart.  I would have liked to see a bit more of the siblings.


5 thoughts on “Promise Me Tonight – Sara Lindsey

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  2. Oh and about the cliche endings — they’re the worst. And now, while working on my next book, I have a coming-up-with-the-ending-phobia. Because I’m the sort of writer who needs an ending as a guiding compass. And I fear I might have to resort to a cliched ending….temporarily.

    • But, see the thing about Romances is they HAVE TO have a happy ending in order to be considered a romance which end up being cliche because everything working out and characters being happy IS a cliche.

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