When I grow up…

Hello all,

Have you ever felt like you have so many things you want to do, so many you can do, and yet not enough time?  For example, you want to be an author, have an awesome idea, but college is getting in the way?  Or you have the idea, you wrote it out, you’ve even edited, and now you have various plot bunnies hopping around your head, but you can’t seem to cage them?

I feel like that all the time.  Hopefully, I’m not the only one.

Since the inception of my college career I’ve been interested in Creative Writing.  I’ve been working on my MS for two (going on three) years.  Ok, so I know authorship is not a viable career choice unless I’m Toni Morrison, Mark Twain, or Jane Austen.  Knowing this, I had Sociology as a backup career.  I wanted to be a Social Worker.  Notice, I use the past tense.  While I still care about children and will do everything I can to help better their lives, I no longer see myself as a case worker.

I have since become enamored with the Deaf community and Deaf culture.  I took a sign language course three years ago and loved it.  Naturally, when I needed to fulfill my Foreign Language requirement, I chose American Sign Language.  So far, I’ve taken to the language and culture fairly well, and I’ll definitely put in the effort to continue learning.  Now, I after I graduate (in about a year and a half – 3 semesters) I want to apply to an ASL school, get an associate’s degree, then take the certification exam.

Of course, while I’m doing all of this I also want to get a M.F.A. (Master of Fine Arts) in Creative Writing.  All of course, while completing my MS and any other plot bunny that decides to make a hovel in my head.

Now, the question is, since I can’t seem to let go of any of my plans, how do I accomplish all of them – namely in a timely manner?  And, how do I make them work together so that all my hard work isn’t for nothing?

The way I see it being a Sign Language Interpreter could be my day job and writing could be my part- time job.

But, is there a way for me to combine them?  I’ve noticed, I can never do anything on an individual basis.  Everything needs to be connected in some way, shape, or form.  I started with two characters in my MS with every intention of forcing the female protagonist to work through her problems on her own and the male protagonist to be a solitary man, living in his own world for his own benefit.

Did that happen?

From those two characters, three subsequent plots spawned – all in the adult genre.  But, of course, my protagonists have younger siblings!  Naturally, my babies must have their story told!  Hence, my foray on the YA crowd which now stands 6 plot bunnies strong.

Okay, back to the question.  How do I combine them?  An answer sort of appeared – magically divined itself – in front of me as I was sifting through submissions for my college’s literary magazine.  I started with a stack of thirty-six fiction and poetry pieces.  Within five minutes I narrowed my pile to 14.

Granted, the pieces I chose may not necessarily make it into the magazine as I’m not the only making the decision.  But, the point it: I enjoyed it.

I liked being able to read other people’s work.  I liked being able to offer advice on how to improve.  I liked it.

Not to mention, I spent the day emailing back and forth with a FP writer whose working I am bêta-reading doing the exact same thing for her I was doing for the literary magazine.

And again, in case you didn’t get it the first time, I liked it.

Here’s the rub: Why not become an agent?  (Or…try to)

I need internships to get into the publishing industry anyway.  Why not intern at a literary agency?  New York is chockfull of them.

Point: As an agent, I would be able to combine helping people, writing, and the Deaf community.


Well, I think the helping people thing answers itself.

Writing.  I’ll still be involved in an aspect of writing, but I also think I’d have more time to work on my writing than if I worked erratic hours at a job I had not interest in.

Deaf community.  Were I to become a certified Sign Language Interpreter, not only would I be able to represent the hearing community, but also the Deaf community.  That isn’t to say Hearing agents are unable to represent Deaf writers, just that it would be easier for a Deaf person to communicate with an agent who can respond in kind, rather than relying on an arbitrary interpreter or emails that may or may not get lost.


Well, in any case I’m still working on the WW rewrite.  Who knows, I might finish by the end of March.  I guess I’ll just have to wait and see how things play out.

What do you do when you’re being pulled in twenty different directions?  Do you link things and try to have a semblance of organization like I do?  Do you go with the flow?  Do you not have a system?  Am I crazy?


Hi, again.  Lol, the title of the post reminded me of:

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