In like a lion…


First off, Listening to Love is complete! I posted the last chapter and I’ll post the epilogue later or tomorrow.  Hope everyone enjoyed it and yes, I will eventually edit it.  (But, of course WW comes first!)

Now, I’ve added two sections here.  A “Fav Author” section which is links to a few of my favorite authors (most of them are Historical Romance authors).  Then, there is the “Currently Reading” section.  The picture is the cover of the book I’m …currently reading and if you click the image it will lead you to the author’s website!

Update on my schedule?  It minimized!!

Amer Lit: Midterm essay (I at least have a title: Honor Thy Mother and Father, or Not)
ASL: write reaction paper
SME: Read, packets, read (I haven’t touched this one yet)
LEH: Write essay
SOC: Read

I baked this for the dinner on Saturday.  It was yummy:

Polka Dotted Multi Racial Cake!

I was lurking around the LTWF website and found a link to “Query Shark” and that is now on my list of things to read.

Other than that, there isn’t much to update.  But, of course if I think of more I’ll post!


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