A Day of Overload

And so it begins my lovelies.

My life is and always will be hectic.

I have to read short stories and do journal entries for my American Literature class (and the midterm essay)
Practice my American Sign Language, complete the worksheet, and find a Deaf festival, event or movie to attend for my reaction paper.
Read the packets and books for my Structure of Modern English class and answer the packets.
Read the text for my Sociology class.
Read, post online and write an essay for my Online course (all due Sunday)

We have a church dinner on Saturday, so I won’t be doing any work then.
I have work on Sunday 12:30-8pm (huh…he changed my schedule without telling me)
Work Monday 3pm -10pm (again…changed the schedule without telling me)
Class Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.
But, I also got a job on campus as an English tutor which starts next week. (meeting on Wednesday at 3:30)
Then, work Saturday 1:30-8.


I’m close to finishing LTL.  There’s only one more chapter, but so much happens in it, I’m thinking I should split it in two and have a grand total of 11 chapters plus an epilogue.  I like even numbers anyway.

The WW rewrite, has begun and at first it was overwhelming because I kept looking at the MS as a whole.  Yes, I need to make sure the plot is connected and there aren’t any holes.  But, it’s easier for me to deal with and I think easier to write if I do it parts.  Basically, I have my outline for the rewrite (20 chapters) and I’ve decided to take two chapters at a time.  Slowly, but surely I’ll make it through.

I’m actually pretty excited about the new beginning.  I’ve decided to forgo a prologue altogether and jump straight into the story.  (That makes so much more sense.)  Want a preview?


Chapter 1

1814 10 March

British nobility, what a night to behold!
According to Lady P, a certain Marquess left his quarters rather late in the night and heavily into his cups; but, apparently not too pissed to attend the annual King’s Ball.  Upon his arrival the commotion began.  What was a splendid night for dancing and charming became a ruckus.  Our dear Marquess arrived four hours late, and of course, not quietly.
Bursting into the room, screaming at the top of his lungs, he made his way over to the guest of honor – Prince Reagent George IV.  Prinny, a bit into his own cup, turned and welcomed the babbling Marquess with open arms.  The second the honorable Marquess came within reach of the Prince Reagent, he shoved His Highness to the ground.  Treasonous, no?  Grounds for hanging?
Apparently not.  As the Marquess tackled Prinny, a shot rang out sending the crowd into cacophonous stampede; shrieking maidens, fainting matrons, blustering lords.
What may have plunged England into a Dark Age, or at the very least, in search of a new leader, became the institution of a national hero.
Applause, my lord, applause.  (That is, if he remembers the act of heroism in the morning.)

The Duchess of Blackridge’s eyes furiously scanned the gossip column, fervently hoping it was not referring to the boy who stumbled into the house just before dawn.  She, of course, knew better and irritably snapped the newspaper shut, making a show of calmly placing it on the table beside her elbow.  Scowling blindly at the arrangement of fruit decorating her plate, the Duchess’ fingers curled around the fork as she contrived colorful and quiet ways to murder her son in his sleep.


Anywho, I have to get back to my homework and then I have class at six.  Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “A Day of Overload

  1. wonderful wonderful wonderful!!!!

    Wow, your hands are full. School. And two stories to juggle. Good luck with that! And I love the new way you’re going to start WW off with. A nice, comedic air, eh?

    • ^_^

      Yeah, but I think I’ve made progress with the school stuff. I only have a bit more (*sigh* for this week anyway)

      Thanks! Yeah! I’m thinking..more lighthearted and relaxed..this time around because the plot might be a tad serious, but Will isn’t as serious as Bromfield, or comical as Collingsworth. And Sophia..she’s a workaholic.

      Oh! But, I changed it a bit a again, lol. The first sentence is my status on FB Right now, then it’s the news article, then the thing about her killing him.

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