Hello all,

New development: I’ve been thinking.  A lot honestly and mostly about WW.  The rewrite has been giving me a headache and I think I’ve figured out why.

I’ve never felt comfortable with using the term “romance” in reference to WW because I didn’t think I developed the romance between the protagonists enough to use the term.  After thinking about it, I figured this was a problem to be during the revision process or maybe if I focused on another aspect of the story the romance would flourish on its own.

However, after extensive thinking and talking with June (although I doubt this was the direction she intended), I’m beginning to think WW should be in a different genre altogether.  Yes, there is an inevitable romance between Will and Sophia.  But, there is also a subplot with the murderer/assassin.  This subplot is in reality what forced their meeting and is really the only thing that binds them together.  If Will had the chance he would forget about the case and move on because his main goal is the safety of England.  If not for the “case” and constant presence of danger, I doubt his feelings for Sophia would have developed.  They’re both extremely stubborn characters and Sophia is particularly introverted.

That said, I believe WW and subsequent novels in the series, would be more mystery thrillers than romance.  I could be wrong, but I would appreciate your thoughts.

Also, the whole “Steamy is in” (told to me by June quoting Mandy Hubbard) is true.  As much as I would love to be a ‘genre bender’ and have a book published without explicit sex scenes, it doesn’t look like it would happen anytime soon.  One, my writing is definitely not good enough to be published yet, and two, we live in a sexualized society.  Although I like writing in a period where the sexual lives of others are often kept private, the females are naïve until their wedding night, and there is a rigid formality, that is all irrelevant in modern times.  Modern readers like hot, steamy, often explicit, scenes that delve into every inch of a character’s life.  We live in a time where everybody wants to know everything about everyone.

Oh, and there is also the whole thing…”Romance” is defined as a plot where the main focus is the developing relationship between characters.  WW, however, the main focus is the “case” and the “romance” is a byproduct.


Comments?  Opinions?


4 thoughts on “01/13/10

  1. Yes, I saw one Regency mystery/romance. Gahh let me go search for it for you.

    *Half an hour later*

    Here are some interesting author I found

    – Lauren Willig (I read one of her work. It was pure HR but somewhat of a genre bender. The book size is different–which says a lot. If the size is different, I know the publishers are implicating that this book is different.)

    -Janet Mullaney wrote Rules of Gentility (Not a fan of this one. But I read it. My editor sent it to me when I was complaining about how my book had no sex scene and thus would not sell. This book had none. But it was a Regency romance all the same. A very odd one. Had a homosexual character and lots of other unconventional characters. A genre bender for sure, this one)

    – Miss Delacourt Speaks Her Mind

    – Phyllida and the Brotherhood of Philander (genre bender, successful, but has sex)

    Check out the article titled “Regencies in Disguise (Robin Uncapher)” on this site. Very interesting:

    I’ll try to find that book I was talking about–the regency mystery/romance–the next time i visit a bookstore.

    • Hmm, I checked out Lauren Willlig’s website and adding her to “The List”..giant list of things to read…

      “Rules of Gentility” I remember…either you told me about it before…or I read it..wasn’t a big fan either.

      I’ll check Miss Delacourt

      “Phyllida” reminds me of one of the secondary characters in one of Julia Quinn’s books..uh…”On the Way to The Wedding”..I think

  2. I love the idea of making it aa myster/thriller! I’ve recently picked up a book by Stephanie Barron–she writes about Jane Austen as a sleuth. To be in this genre, I think you should reads lots of these books, since this is where you’re hoping to market it. I’m sure their expectations are a lot different than to the readers of romance…(Unless you’ve already read extensively in this genre, then pray excuse me!) Hmmm or you can make it a mainstream fiction. I’ve seen a Regency myster/romance in the mainstream shelves at a bookstore. I forget what it’s called, but it’s also a spy/romance story, I believe.

    Good luck!!

    • 🙂 Hmm, I’ll have to check her out. I do, I need to find them now. I have read a lot of general fiction, mystery/thrillers, but ..I’ll brush up.

      I haven’t seen any mainstream Regency mystery/romances.. o.O

      You know what’s funny though, I think now that I’ve decided to go another direction….WW will probably come out more of a romance. Why? Because my characters like to mess with me…they’re so evil…

      OH! And by the way…your fellow LTWF author, Renee Carter? I bought her book a few weeks ago! I need to finish it, but I do I’ll post a review 🙂 So far I’m liking it.

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