December 27, 2009


How was everybody’s Christmas?  I made a gingerbread house with my cousins.  Then, no one wanted to eat it.  I think it’s still sitting in their house somewhere.

Then, on Boxing Day we went to the movies, saw Sherlock Holmes.  I didn’t think it lived up to its hype.  But, that’s probably just me.

Today, I went to Barnes and Noble to try to return some books, but the cashier had an attitude and I left.  But!  While I was there I saw a calendar I HAD to buy.  Mind you, I’m not one to buy calendars, I just use my planner or the calendar on my phone or I just don’t know the date.  This one, however, caught my eye because it was called: “A 365-Day Calendar of Vanishing Vocabulary and Folklore”.  It’s so awesome! Each day had a different word I’ve never heard of (and I bet none of you have either), plus the origin and when it was most popular.  Also, at the bottom there’s the folklore blurb.

And guess what!  I took pictures!

Front and Back cover:

June’s Birthday: (this is what I wanted to show you!)

My Birthday:

Khrysten’s Birthday:

How fun was that?  After all that, I spent the day baking sugar cookies and trying to get the sprinkles to stick.  Here’s a picture of that:

And now, I’m going to finish the book I’m reading and then start writing (hopefully).

Currently reading: The Infamous Rogue by Alexandra Benedict
His Eyes by Renee Carter

Oh! And I think I’ve decided on images/quotes for the WW bag, so when I do that I’ll post a picture of that too!


3 thoughts on “December 27, 2009

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  2. Ooooooh lala! That is indeed interesting. Foot ale. Doesn’t sound like it’ll taste too goood….

    HEY where are your HR reviews????? Geez, I don’t know what romance books to buy. I end up picking books up that I can barely get through. I get bored midway and there goes aprox. ten bucks. Whenever you have time, post some book reviews : D

    • 🙂 Yeah, it doesn’t.

      Ha, irony? I just finished one yesterday, I’ll post a review later, I have to go to work – need to leave early because it’s snowing here, blah – but It was The Infamous Rogue by Alexandra Benedict.

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