December 24, 2009

Okay, so this is kind of sad, really.  But, I haven’t written anything.  Actually, no.  I wrote a paragraph for the new prologue.  Then, I got distracted with books, buying books, work, and simply sitting in front of the computer staring blankly at the screen.

But, while doing all that I’ve been thinking the entire time.  (Mostly about Bromfield.)  He’s arrogant.  There’s no other way to phrase it.  Michael Ridgefield (I think that was the surname I gave him) is one arrogant, cold-hearted, cynical, broken, egotistical man with the air of a duke.  Yet, he’s an Earl.  So, I was thinking: should I change his title to Duke and make Will an Earl?  Because, Will is arrogant, but for some reason his arrogance doesn’t live up to the level of a Duke’s (at least in my head).  OR I could keep that as maybe a running joke, that Will’s the Duke and Michael’s the Earl, yet their personalities don’t fit the title, maybe they should switch.

What do you think?

Oh! And another thing.  I work at Michael’s (the arts and craft chain store) and they have the awesomest things EVER.  I bought thing bag, it’s white, and blank.  I can make my own bag essentially.  They have iron on designs, tattoos, buttons, jewels, …stuff O.O  And if you don’t like the designs  they have, they have the paper to print your own and iron it onto the bag (this also works on T-shirts).

Point: I got overly excited and now I want to make an original, one of a kind, WW bag.  I just don’t know what phrases or words to use!  OMG!  It’s so exciting!  I was thinking maybe print one memorable quote on one side, and pictures on the other side (I don’t know what pictures).  Or maybe random phrases like I did with the picture I made?

Who knows.  But, this is where you come in dear reader.  *Smile*  Your mission for this 2009 Christmas Eve, find words or phrases or pictures!

Please and thank you!

Merry Christmas Eve!

2 thoughts on “December 24, 2009

  1. Maybe you should make Will and Earl… I always stay away from the Duke title unless I’m sure that my hero’s character will meet up to the title. Dukes, in my mind, are serious, very serious, reserved, taciturn, arrogant men. I guess reading about the life of the Duke of Devonshire is what influenced this impression most.

    Hmmmm as for the quote…I always did like your motto about happy endings…or maybe you can use one of your “rules”?

    • Yeah, in my head they’re serious and brooding too. But, then that got me thinking, is it stereotypical to have a serious/brooding duke? And if so, should I go the other way and have a laid back, fun loving, lovable duke?

      Oh! I didn’t even think about the happy ending quote 🙂 That could work. Lol, after I posted this I was thinking about using one of the quotes. But, I don’t know which onee! *overly excited* There are so many things I could use. That’s why I was opting for random phrases, but if I keep this up I’m going to end up making 20 different bags (or t-shirts! or undies O.O)

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