December 16, 2009

WW update!!! I started a read through today (first time I’ve ever read it straight through since I started writing it.  I write in chapters, saving each in a different document, so I never looked back.  Fun!)

Here’s a picture of my prologue (which was the only thing to survive two years unscathed.)

"The power of a red pen"

I wrote little notes to myself in the margins, for example, “Learn new words”.

Reading through it there were moments where I actually laughed out loud and wondered if I actually wrote that.  But, then there were parts that made me cringe, look away and turn the page quickly.  There’s a lot I need to work, both technically and creatively.

I need to work on my tenses – staying in one.
I need to keep the character personalities constant, develop them more.  There are even some characters that might be cut.

The prologue, I’m thinking have it be a clip of Sophia’s childhood.  That way we get to know more about her, plus she’s introduced earlier.

(THERE’S SO MUCH TO WORK ON! I cannot possibly fit all of it into a single post.)

There’s definitely going to be a scenery change.  After the “climax” they’re heading to the country.

I know more about each main character know, and I think I’ve gotten more confident in my writing.  I’m more willing to be concrete in my writing and decisive about character traits.  Like Will is the factual one, Bromfield is the logical one, and Collingsworth is the instinctual one.  With that in mind, hopefully their personalities will be more defined, and distinct from each other.

Also, I need to work on my chapter structure.  Right now each chapter is one big scene.  I need to work on chapter breaks and multiple scenes within chapters.

I need to work on including more historical/regency elements.  Pacing.  Word usage.  There’s so much!

I will say I liked the beginning of the story.  From when Will meets Harrington to the Masquerade.  After that though, my interest wanes.  (Oh! And a nit picky thing; should Will be Will or William?  I know his name is William, but should I spell it out?)

Is the mother necessary? She was in two scenes and one of my friends was really attached to her, was even sad when she died.  But, is she necessary to the plot? Maybe I should include her more since her death was what spurred Will into action? Hmmm.

Definitely need to include Jules more.  I think people (I know I did) tended to forget about him when he wasn’t mentioned. Balance, balance.  I also have to explain more about why he’s important.  Also, should he die? Or leave it hanging and have him be a reoccurring bad guy?

I have an outline written for WWTake2 (that’s the file name) and the story has been condensed to 20chapters, plus an epilogue.  (But, the epilogue doesn’t have anything to do with the main story so it’s basically 20chapters).


I love Will, but Bromfield is a definite favorite.
I LOVED the scene where Will…sort of…proposes to Sophia on the balcony.
I love my dialogue.
I’m extremely proud of my code, but I’ll probably take it out and have it as an extra or something.

I have all my FP reviews saved! And I’m definitely taking them into consideration!

Okay! Toodles! *Off to write new prologue*

(The new WW is so very entertaining in my head.)


oh! And the 20 chapters? I’ve decided in this draft, instead of the chapters having Shakespearean quotes as epigraphs, they’ll have Will’s rules. (Here’s a list)

Never fall in love (every romance’s number one rule even if rules aren’t utilized in the plot)

2) Know your enemy

5) Always carry a pistol

6) Never bed a virgin – it can only lead to trouble.  She most likely will have a angry father or brother on your doorstep by morning.

8) Expect the unexpected because life is never fair.  It is only fair when it is inconvenient.

9) Always be prepared.

10) All war is deception.

13) And an irrational agent is no longer an agent whose main priority is being an agent.

15) Complete the mission regardless of potential harm to oneself.

19) Maintain constant contact.

21) Be aware of your surroundings.  A blind man is a dead man.

25) Believing the enemy has a weakness, serves to his advantage, making it his strength.

29) A well told lie is not a lie unless it is found to be untrue.

31) Self reliance is the only way to survive.

34) Think twice, but only if you’re sure.

37) Maintain anonymity, but if one’s rank serves The Crown use it.

39) Be conscious of your effect on others – it may prove to be advantageous.

42) Don’t be so high in the instep that you are unable to recognize when others may be of value.

48) Quick decisions are crucial, especially under dire circumstances.

51) The best way to keep a secret if by not having one.

52) Hastily arriving at unfounded conclusions often leads to chaos and can leaving one looking the fool.

**Bromfield’s rule, but Will might as well have it:
A good agent does not assume the facts are correct. An agent assumes all the facts are wrong and investigates until he is satisfied with the outcome. He inspects every corner, ferreting out every possibility until all leads are exhausted.


Okay, first off THE SEMESTER’S OVER.


Third, my eye is fine. (Although he stuck some…jelly gook…in it.)  It was weird; he stuck the thing right on my eye and then told me to blink.  How the hell am I going to blink if you stick something in my eye!  Anyway, whatever, I’m good.  Had to take a nap when I came home though.

Fourth, I can focus on writing now, and knitting, and reading!

Writing is a given:  LTL, SWY, WW, the character interviews.

The knitting; I’m going to knit a few scarves for my coworkers (the ones who have been nice to me and stuff).

Reading!  OMG.  I have so many books that I bought during the semester, but didn’t have time to read.

The Care and Taming of the Rogue
To Catch a Bride
Lady of Scandal
The Bewitching Season
Lover Avenged
(There’s more.  These are just the ones right next to the computer.)
Oh! The library just emailed me and said “The Infamous Rogue” just arrived and is being held for me.  To be honest, I forgot I had books on hold.

Hmmm, I’m craving some Chinese food.

(Work: Saturday: 11am-6pm)


hmmm….anyone else notice I’ve only updated on Wednesdays this month?  Weird…


A in the Online course I had to do the 12 essays for
A in Sign Language (of course…)
A – in Sociology …after my minor heart attack taking the final yesterday (got a B- on the final)
And I passed the CPE which is an exam we only get 3 chances to take and if we don’t pass it we can’t graduate.  Well! I passed it…so now I just have to do the courses, get to 120 credits, and I’m good!

4 thoughts on “December 16, 2009

  1. Noo cliff hangers are good! And I remember I never hesitated to think your chapter endings were well executed.

    I reread bits of WW today. It’s actually beyond good for the first draft. I’m telling you…TRC was….just…No WONDER it took me over a year to polish the mess up!!!! It truly was a mess. But a mess I rlly enjoyed writing hehe.

    • Thanks! I was fine with your chapter endings. Does she want MORE cliffhangers or longer chapters?

      I keep telling you, but I don’t know if you believe me. That first draft of TRC is actually what inspired me to write my own HR. I keep comparing my writing to yours and I haven’t gotten any better, but I’ll keep trying!

  2. Whenever you put up a new post, couldn’t you be like me, and shamelessly announce it to everone on FB? That way I can check up each time you do… *puppy eyes*

    Anyway, I loved reading this post. I don’t believe any writer I know wrote of their experience rereading their first draft. I’m feeling all fluttery inside at the thought of how your story will turn out after an intense round of revision. Because it seems like you intend to do a lot of changes! Oooooh!!! So excited for you. Honestly. And I loveee the rule-idea you’ll put before each chapter. You’re such a wonderful writer! Let me be one of your editor when you’re done!!!! And I hope we’ll both get published near the same time so we can go book signing and stuff together! *wistful sigh* yah, this whole querying process is getting to me head.

    Ah, I remember my first draft of TRC… When I reread it a year ago, I think I thought the story was perfectly fine. But when I reread it now…I cringe at mostly everything. It’s fascinating how much a story can change with time…

    Oh, and here’s a tip I got from S.J.Mass. She read the first five chapters of my work and said my chapters always ended too neatly. So, don’t be like me, and end with cliff hangers! So I did some rearranging and I don’t think I can do any more about it now…

    • Lol, I’ll try to remember to do that 🙂

      There’s a lot more that I wanted to say, but my thoughts were bouncing all over the place. There’s so much to do!

      Yeah, I am planning on changing a couple of things. Like I randomly thought of having Bromfield kiss Sophia “to see what the big deal was”

      Aw, thanks! ^_^ The rules were kind of fun to come up with too, lol. Of course!!! You’re at the top of my list 🙂 Omg, that would be sooo much fun! And awesome if it really does happen!

      It’s interesting to read the first draft and compare it though. Makes you cringe a bit (Me: a LOT) but still interesting.

      Yeah, chapter endings are complicated. Things need to be wrapped up, but not too neatly, or obscurely. Most of my chapters end with cliffhangers, but then I started thinking I had too MANY cliffys…it’s so nerve wracking..

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