December 9, 2009

Oh, my goshness! It’s almost over!

Ok, I am so proud right now.  I’m in class writing this, but the whatever!  The To-do list has almost disappeared!  WHOO!

If you go back to the previous post, almost everything for the semester is almost done.  How awesome us that?  I just have to write those…12 *cough* essays, take my ASL final tomorrow after work, then the Sociology final online next week Tuesday and I’m done!  Do you have any idea the sense of relief I’m feeling right now?

I can breathe.  It’s like the giant weight that was pressing against my back, compressing my lungs has been blown away by a light – albeit frigid (it’s winter here) – breeze.  I can move, I can stretch, I can SLEEP.  That’s the best one.

No, actually, the best one is: I get to wash my hair.  I usually wash my hair on the weekends, but this weekend I didn’t have any time because of work and all of the work.  But, I get to wash my hair!

I have to go get my eyes tested after class today, but I’ll keep writing so I can do a bunch of the essays.  (SHHH!! I have work tomorrow.)

To-Do List (for the semester)

Wednesday: IDW Essays (12 of 12 down); and IDW BB post
Thursday: Work, ASL final.

Saturday: Work
Sunday: WORK? (1pm-7pm switched to 11:30am – 5:30pm)
Monday: FREEDOM! Work: 5pm – 12am (W.T.F)
Tuesday: Sociology Final: Online 1pm-3pm; 3:01pm – ALL DONE!
Wednesday: Eye doctor so my retina doesn’t detach o.O
Thursday: Read WW fully? Start edits?/LTL/SWY o.O
Friday: Game night
Saturday: Work (11am-6pm)

Awesome! Adios! 🙂


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