December 2, 2009

Oh, my goodness!  It’s December!

You know what that means?

The semester’s almost over.

The year’s almost over.

It’s going to snow!

It’s cold!


Any who, purpose of the post: I’ve decided to post the short story I submitted for class on FP for a little while.  I’ve really become attached to this story and I’m determined to work on it until it’s perfect.  There’s a lot I can add, take out, clear up.  I’m itching to tackle it, but all the school work is having a field day wreaking havoc with my life.

But, yeah.  I’ll post it for a bit, see if I get any helpful reviews, then take it down and rework it.

( )

Well, I’m off to post that and see if I can write anything for LTL.  I really want to finish it 🙂

To-Do List:

Friday: Work
Saturday: Work
Sunday: Work
Monday: English Lit: Final paper and Exam due
Tuesday: Work, Sociology: Online Certification (problems: do later date)) and Final (12/15)
Wednesday: Creative Writing: Workshop stories (12/7 and 12/9)
Thursday: Work, Sign Language: Learn new words (12/3), Review for Final (12/8 ), Final exam (12/10)
Friday: IDW: Essays — of 12 and post online (12/11)

Write Interviews
Write SWY
Write LTL
Edit WW
Read all the books I bought o.O
Flesh out YA plot ideas


2 thoughts on “December 2, 2009

  1. Oooh you’re going to start writing YA???? Oooh good, economical, wise choice. YA is getting so popular these days. Historical? Or modern?

    • ah..sorry this took a while, I had work plus homework. Yeah, I was thinking about YA because I had a lot of ideas rolling in my head and I figured, if I tweak the ages (and a BIT of the content) it could be YA. Lol, and yeah, I see it’s on a rise. Every time I go to BN there’s a random YA novel on the front shelf. It’s funny that I’m reading YA now since I skipped that stage growing up.

      But, of course I’m thinking Historical. After reading “The Season” it got me interested (although that’s the only YA regency I’ve read that I actually like so far). There’s the Luxe series, Bewitching Season, The Season. They’re really getting popular now. But, I also have a few ideas I want to play with that are more modern….So, we’ll see.

      HOW’S THE SNOW?!

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