End of NaNoWriMo- Day 30

Hello Dear Reader,

I am currently on campus in the library.  It’s hot and smelly; keyboards are clicking and people are yawning.  It’s raining outside, there are broken umbrellas turned inside out, littering the walkway.  Dangerous, I tell you.

My professor thought it would be hilarious today to scare the hell out of everyone before class.  He walked into the room, eyes downcast and said, “Okay, everybody get out.  Except Brian.  You stay.  Everybody else: out.  Stand in the hallway and don’t make noise while you’re out there.”

We all got up and went outside, lining up against the wall like scolded five year olds.  Everybody was whispering about how angry he is and, “Oh, my god! I hope he doesn’t quiz us on some random thing!”

Class started at 2, people went in, came out, didn’t say a word, just grabbed their stuff and left.  (Apparently he told them not to say anything.)  At 3 he finally calls me in and…

it was to talk about the second story we handed in and what we’re taking away from the class this semester.  *rolls eyes*  Overdramatic…*mumble mumble*

Any who, he liked my story.  Yay!  He said he could feel the emotion and it was more heartfelt.  It was a complete turnaround from the first one I submitted.  He also said he wished that this one was the one I handed in the first time because if it was I would’ve been able to work on it and polish it by the twelfth (this week) week of class and it would’ve been a lot better.  All in all, I think it went pretty well. I got a B+.  Whoo.

Now, I WANT to post it on FP, but we’ll see.  I might just hold it or maybe work on it, rewrite it and then post it.  I really, really, don’t like writing in first person.

Updated To-Do List:

Monday: Final paper, Final exam, read paradise lost
Tuesday: Post Sociology, study ASL, ASL Worksheet
Wednesday: Read story
Thursday: Study ASL
Friday: WORK
Saturday: WORK
Sunday: Work?

IDW essays — of 12

Post IDW online Saturday before midnight.
Finish LTL.
Finish SWY
Celebrate end of semester.  Only two more weeks guys!!


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