NaNoWriMo- Day 27

Progress has been made and the To-Do list had dwindled! Rejoice with me fair people! Huzzah!

Okay, in case you couldn’t tell, I’m ridiculously happy. I’ve made progress on the work and ahead of schedule which SHOULD leave more time for writing. Chapter 5 is finished and posted, so go read that. I have a bit written for Chapter 6 which means I have more than “Chapter Six” typed. Hopefully, I will get the story finished by Monday. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Yes, yes it would.

But, oh my goodness…Ashton has me blushing in that chapter.  I was typing and the whole time I was thinking, “Really?  Really, Ashton? Why are you doing this to me?  Why are you doing this to her?  Why are you doing to this to YOU?  You know you’re not going to get anywhere now.  It’s too early.  Stop!  Oh, my god… *blush*”

Yup, I have conversations in my head.

To-Do List

Friday – write, Work from 1pm – 10pm, write
Saturday – Go to Aunt’s house for dinner, write, read, write.
Sunday – Wash hair, WRITE, read, do ENW essay. WORK

English: Final paper, Final exam, paraphrasing
SPV: Study, practice, Final
Creative Writing: Finish Triggering Town, write paper./ Read story
Sociology: Post online before 1pm on Tuesday
IDW: Do Essays —- of 12

Sleep (SO not going to happen)


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