NaNoWriMo – Day 24

*Dismal sigh*

I really, really don’t think I’m going to make NaNo.  And this isn’t just me being pessimistic.  It’s me being realistic.  There are six days left and as of TODAY, I’m 20k behind which would be fine because I could write 30k in a week if I really had IF I HAD TIME.  Unfortunately, I don’t have time.

I’m going to add a to-do list here so you can see why I don’t have time, plus I found it actually helps me accomplish things because then I get to have the pleasure of crossing them off the list.  Viciously.

To-Do List, for the Week:

Today – practice ASL for class at 6pm, write for NaNo?
Wednesday (Tomorrow) – Run back to my old HS real quick and visit my friends ho I haven’t seen since the summer for like 2 minutes, come home and write for NaNo.
Thursday – Thanksgiving Day parade with my cousins/Write? (couldn’t, I was out all day)
Friday – Go to work 10am-6pm (changed to 1pm-10pm)(WHOO, I got a job)/Write?
Saturday – Go to Aunt’s dinner, Post History homework online before midnight
Sunday’s free except:

ENG Final Paper (due 12/7), Assignment (Due 11/30), and the final itself (due 12/9), read poems (11/30), choose lines poetry line to focus paper on.
Creative Writing – read “Triggering Town” and write a paper on it (Due 11/30).
Sociology – Print and Post online on 12/01 before 1pm
IDW Essays — of —, post assignment online before midnight.
Pick up textbook (he lied….he wasn’t there)
Pay Mandee’s bill

Oh, and:

Wash Hair

I can do all of it, but I think the only thing stressing me is finishing and verifying NaNoWriMo by Monday.  Blah.

If there’s progress I’ll come back.


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