NaNoWriMo – Day 20

Blah, the 4th chapter was actually finished last night, but the internet decided to be stupid and stop working.  So, here I am, a day later, posting.  Go READ!

June!  Good luck with your querying!  Don’t get too down and keep going!

Brain Spasms:

Last night, in the middle of writing Chapter 4, I decided I wanted to do an interview with Ashton like I did with Will.  (Scarlet City anyone?)  Then, that led me to “that’s not fair to the other guys!” and now I want to do an interview for Bromfield and Collingsworth. Maybe even Zachary!  Of course, you can’t forget the leading ladies!  Although, at this point there are only two, so I guess I’ll focus on the guys for now.   Basically, all of this led me to add a new page to this here blog, “Character Interviews”.  I moved Will’s interview under this new heading and I added to title of two “Coming Soons”.

Look forward to those…especially since the semester is winding down.  Ugh, I need to catch up with my homework still.

OH! Totally wrote the Epilogue for LTL.  That should be fun.  Ashton’s as….excited? …as ever.  He’s quickly becoming a favorite, but for different reasons.

And, I finished my short story for class.  It came out longer than I expected it too (17pgs), but there were still a bunch of information I could have added.  I simply ran out of time and had to print it and fly off to class.  I’m pretty happy with it, only I wrote it in first person and I’ve never written anything in first person before other than IWAS.  I personally, HATE writing in first person.   Reading it is fine, but I hate writing it.  Now, I want to rewrite the entire story in third person limited, from the main character’s point of view.  Although, it won’t do me much good since I already handed it in for a grade.  Maybe I’ll post the original on FP next week after the professor hands it back with his comments.  (Hopefully this one won’t be “cliché, dialogue heavy, and not heartfelt”.)

Okay!  Toodles!  Enjoy the chapter and I’ll see what I can do this weekend.  *Must finish all homework*

To Do List:

Read workshop story for Monday
Do English assignment, read poems, rewrite essay for Monday
Practice ASL
Post/Print Sociology
Read 2nd story
Post history homework
Catch up on NaNoWriMo
Wash hair
Register for Classes

!! I want to see New Moon (so I can have a good laugh) and The Blind Side (so I can cry).


Blah NaNo’s almost over.  I don’t know if I’ll make the deadline, but I WILL finish the story.  Ugh, I really, really want to make the goal.

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