Update roll!!!

1) As we all know, I am a very weird person.  So, guess what I did last night? I wrote the epilogue for LTL.  How awesome is that?  Now…I just need to work my way up to it.

2) I woke up this morning and started chapter 3!  Even more progress.  Awesome.

3) I think I GOT A JOB! My friend works at Michael’s (the craft chain store) and I had applied.  She texted me a couple of days ago and told me they hired me.  I just spoke to the manager (like five minutes ago) and he said he’ll call me in next week for training and then give me a schedule! I’m ridiculously excited because honestly, I could LIVE in Michael’s.  Cross your fingers!

4) I was talking to another friend last night (SilverApocalypse on FP) and one thing led to another, now I’m thinking about having Will, Sophia, Collingsworth and Bromfield (one or all) make appearances in LTL.  LTL takes place in 1815 and WW is 1814.  Plus, Collingsworth’s storyline is complete by December 1814, then 1815 starts Bromfield’s.  I think it could work.  Anyone else as excited as I am??  I think Ashton would be friends with Collingsworth or Bromfield.  Probably Bromfield.  Fun!!

5) I’ve been playing Tetris on Facebook and it’s addicting. But, I’m ranked pretty high.  Come challenge me!

6) I figured out my schedule for next semester, now hopefully the classes will still be available by the time I have to register.  If I have to am I definitely skipping class.  5 classes, 17 credits, most of the classes are night classes (6-8:20).

7) Yesterday, when I was driving home from class I was thinking about LTL and I was like, “Wouldn’t it be fun if Zachary was the protagonist in his own story?”  Yeah….plot bunnies are evil.

8)  As of now the word count is: 10,600

I’ll come back to night and update that, see if I can do anything else.  (By the way, this word count does not include the epilogue or the other scenes I’ve written for chapter 8-10.  I haven’t typed those yet.)

9) Still can’t remember what I couldn’t remember since the previous post o.O

10) Oh, and I’m thinking about dropping Sociology as a major, do it as a minor and focus on Creative Writing.  Then, go to school for two more years and become a certified interpreter.

11)And, and, and. I’m ridiculously excited that a lot of the readers/reviewers for WW and LTL ARE actually from England lol because that’s about the closest I’m ever going to get. 🙂

2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo-Day13

  1. Oooh!!! You luck duck. If English people like your work it must mean something very good! Most of my readers are from the States it seems. Not that I dislike that fact of course! I think Historical romance in general is more popular in North America. Well, that what the English History Buff I know told me. Anyway. Great to know you’re doing well.

    • Lol, ^_^ I would like to think so. Yeah, because HarperCollins is a major publisher. But, doesn’t England have Mills & Boon? One of my reviewers said she gets her books from them.

      🙂 Good luck with your RWA, hope a lot people respond.

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