NaNoWriMo – Day 2

Alas, the goal was not met.  Bummer.

But! I’m not too worried because I’ll just use tomorrow to catch up, and hopefully surpass Day 3’s goal.  (I finally got to Ashton’s point of view!)

But, guess what! Character pictures have been located!

Miss Carina Wallace = Lucy Hale (Courtsey of All Over You’s suggestion ^_ ^ )


Ashton Calder, Earl of Arden = Jason Lewis (Some of his pictures are a no-no for kid friendly sites)


Zachary Calder, Viscount Dalloway = Freddie Highmore (when he was younger, i.e Charlie and the Chocolate Factory…darn actors, growing up)


We’ll just have to slip them some contacts when the time comes.

But, what do you think?



Ashton Calder stumbled into his London town house just before dawn, clumsily climbed the stairs and collapsed on his large, four poster bed.  He buried his head into the pillows, trying to kick his boots off, but gave up when they wouldn’t budge and fell into a deep slumber fully clothed, dreaming of the raucous night of drunken debauchery he had the pleasure of experiencing.

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