NaNoWriMo- Day 1


NaNoWriMo had begun!  I started writing, then discovered…I have no idea where the story is going! How fun.  Well, let’s see I have about 1000 words so far.  I just have to work on my English essay now – analyzing poems.

So, I was thinking about my characters – male and female – and guess what I discovered.  Each of them embodies an aspect of my own personality.  It might a small part exaggerated, or a large part altered to fit the storyline, but each one of them is somehow a part of me.  (That sounds a little psychotic.)  The fun part is figuring out if the part of me in the story is in the male or female protagonist!

Do you relate to any of my characters?  At any point in the story did you say, “Oh, I do that!” or “That’s just like me!”?  What about your own characters?  Are any of them reminiscent of your own personality?

Listening to Love excerpt, Chapter 1:

Carina walked across the hall and pulled out the trunk from behind the door that she had been saving for her personal belongings.  She pushed it across the hall, opened it and sat in the middle of the room, inspecting each object – saying goodbye – before she placed it in the trunk.

Hours later, when the sun dipped behind the clouds, Carina had finally finished packing the room.  All that was left was for her to find a place to store the trunk, then, pack her own bag and she was ready to leave.

Carina stood, interlaced her fingers and stretched her arms high above her head, arching her back.  She heard a crack and winced.  Rubbing her back, she muttered, “I am not that old.”

Her stomach growled.  “But, I am famished.”

She bent down and closed the lid of the trunk.  She headed down the stairs to the little kitchen hidden behind the bookstore her parents owned.  The pantry was bare, with only half a loaf of bread and a piece of cheese, but Carina made due.  She dragged a stool to the worktable at the center of the room, placed her bread and cheese on the surface – she already sold the dishes – and settled in for a meal.


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