October 12, 2009

First off, I would say Happy Columbus Day…but there seem to be a lot of people against him.

Hi again!

I finished chapter 24!  Who wants to know a secret? Well, most of this chapter (i.e. the confession scene) was actually written way before more of the story.  I had so much fun with it too.  I was thinking, how would I react if a guy told me he loved me?  Plus, I wanted to go against the cliché, girl finding out she’s in love with the guy then pines after him, thing.  How did I do?  My romance may be lacking, but I always intended for Will to be the one to fall.  Now….all he has to do is pull Sophia down with him, lol.

Speaking of.  The kiss scene.  How was that?  I’m not very good with fluffy/romantic scenes, but this one was a particular favorite of mine.  It was so…romantic.  It was in my head anyway.

As one of my reviewers said, it’s time for some major explanations!  A lot was said in this chapter and then most of it will be explained in Chapter 25.  Then, I have to type chapter 26 and I’m done!  Why?  Because chapter 27 and the epilogue are already written.  Hopefully, I’ll finish before October ends (preferably before the end of this week because I have midterms coming up), then I can take a break, focus on class, and when November starts try my hand at NaNoWriMo.  Are you doing NaNoWriMo?  I already have a title “Listening to Love” and yes, it IS a Regency.

Ok, now that I’ve produced two chapters within two days…I must start the work I have procrastinated.  But, first, I’m off to my aunt’s house so she can fix my sari! If I get pictures I’ll post!

Btw, I want to go to B&N to get “Lady of Scandal” by Tina Gabrielle.  It looks like an interesting plot AND it’s her debut novel.  I seem to be reading a lot of debut novels lately.  Or maybe 2009 is the year of new authors.  Who knows!


92604 / 100000 words. 93% done!

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