September 28, 2009

For the past two weeks and especially this weekend, I’ve been working on a short story for class.  I think I finally finished it.  It’s called “Moonlighting” and it’s about a thief, Alexandra, who is pursued by Tristan – an agent of INTERPOL – who is obsessed with capturing her.  But, along the way he became more obsessed with her than with capturing her.

I had fun with it, even if at times it felt like pulling teeth because they were being so uncooperative.  Eventually I got into, but of course, I had more fun in Tristan’s POV.  Maybe I’ll post it on FP and see what everyone else thinks about it.  I don’t know if I want to post it now or wait until the professor grades it to include his revisions.  Or, maybe I’ll post it…and the fix it later?  I don’t know.  Honestly, I’m just happy it’s over.  I like writing, but for some reason when it comes to academic writing….it’s a drag.

I haven’t written a word for Will, Sophia, Devon or Rachel since the semester started.  How horrible is that?  I’ve just had too much work.  I did, however, get to read June’s manuscript 🙂

Hopefully, something will come to me for WW.  To be honest, it’s close to the end.  I’ll probably rush the ending because I’m not happy it and I want to rewrite it.  There are SO many changes I want to make.  Like…a change of scene.  Stick them in the country rather than the city.

I’m going to have an ADD moment or 2…

I was on FB and guess what!!! A bunch of my favorite authors accepted my friend request!  Julia Quinn, Suzanne Enoch, Candice Hern, Gena Showalter.  AND a few of them actually reply to comments you leave.

2 ADD moment…

New Historical Romance recommendations!

Goddess of the Hunt by Tessa Dare.  GOTH was her debut novel and it was awesome.  Even though reading it you sometimes forget it’s a regency, it’s still a good read.  PLUS, it’s part of a trilogy and if you love drama, you’ll love how the characters are connected.

The second is Surrender of a Siren.  I really love her covers too.  Her name isn’t bigger than the title and the covers are simple, not explicit.   SOAS was fun.  I met another Gray ^^_

The third which I’m really excited about (not for the main characters, but because it’s a wrap up of all the characters) A Lady of Persuasion.  I’m off to Barnes and Noble tomorrow to pick it up.

You should visit her site: She even has an article about the fanfic she started out writing before she was published.

(Btw, she accepted me on FB too!)


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