September 10, 2009


I have returned.  I really have to apoogize because I’ve been horrible with the whole blog thing.  Classes started and I haven’t been updating the blg and it took me forever to respond to posts.  So, there’s a few business to catch up on.

All Over You is almost done with her story Love Game and she’s going to be starting others.  They’re really awesome and I can’t wait for her next update! (

June!  Congratulations on finishing the rewrite!!!  I know it’s great and good luck with whatever you’re doing next.

I read The Darkest Whisper (Gena Showalter).  It was amazing.  You know how sometimes when an author is writing a series, after a few novels it kind of drags.  This didn’t.  She kept with the characters and the plot just keeps getting interesting.  I absolutely can’t wait the next one!

I started classes last week Monday.  It’s been okay, I mean class is class.  But, I seriously LOVE my ASL (American Sign Language) class.  The professor is deaf so when we learn it’s legit, being taught how to speak to and understand deaf people by a deaf person.  And the professor is hilarious, I love him!  I’m thinking about adding Linguistics to my list of classes, but I don’t know.  I’m almost finished with Sociology so I might as well keep it.

I’m taking a Fiction Writing class too…we’ll see how well that works out.  Ah! But, you know me, my semester just isn’t complete without some sort of drama.  I’m taking two online courses and everything is fine, I did the work, post it and wait for the professor to grade it and give me feedback.  Alas, one of the courses (the one I had the most difficulty finding the books for), the professor says I’m not on his grading roster.  I bought the books, did the work…but he can’t give me a grade because I’m not in his system.  I went to the different offices and everything checked out, he said he’ll try to add me manually, but he had yet to get back to me.  Yay…

AND! On top of all that, I’ve been sick with the most disgusting cough you’ll ever meet for the past two weeks.  I wanted to go to the doctor since last week, but my mother didn’t believe I was sick (she’s a CNA).  Then, today she made an appointment for next week Friday.  I just hope I don’t hack up a lung by then.

I don’t have ASL until 6pm today so I’ve been writing all day.  And guess what! I’m almost done with Chapter 21.  I only have to type one more scene and it’s done.  I’m not very fond of the chapter, but seriously right now I’m getting it done to get it done because I’m not happy with the whole direction of the story.  I need to finish this so I can redo it.

Hopefully, I’ll get it done and up (hoping FP is cooperative) before I leave for class.  But, it’ll definitely be up by tonight.

Please drop by and leave your comments!  It’s Thursday (by the way I know how to say Thursday in sign language, how cool is that!?) which means I don’t have classes tomorrow and I can respond!


WW progress

80751 / 100000 words. 81% done!

2 thoughts on “September 10, 2009

  1. Firstly, I can’t wait to read the next chapter.

    Secondly, you’re lucky you’re in a fiction writing course. I don’t think our uni has a course like that. Only clubs

    Thirdly, how in the world did you get that writing progress bar? I tried finding the html for it but it never worked out

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