June 30, 2009


So, remember a while ago when I asked about an author and their website?  Well, I eventually gathered enough courage to actually ask a published author.

I private messaged Mandy Hubbard (Prada and Prejudice) on Facebook:


I was wondering if you could help me?

I’ve been working on my own manuscript (a Regency Romance) and I got to thinking about an author’s website.

Does an author have complete control over his/her website? Can they post whatever they want or is it monitered by the publisher? Are there restrictions? Or is it up to the author if they want to host a website in the first place?

Thank You 🙂

And she was kind of enough to quickly respond:

Your website is your own, so its totally your call. I selected my own designer (and paid her), and I add/change the content.

Your publisher doesn’t control what’s on it, per se, but they do occasionally check it out, so they can ask you to censor SOME Things– they dont want to look bad, and tehy dont like you announcing things until they are official (like you dont want to tell everyone that Borders is going to stock your book only to find out later that they changed their mind…)

Some authors dont have websites at all. I think they’re useful and I lov emine, but its not required, and they do require $!


So, in case anyone else was wondering..there you go!!! Thank you Mandy! 🙂



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